BRM V12-44 celebrates its tenth anniversary with custom watches

In September 2005, Bernard Richards Watch Factory (BRM) launched the first V12-44, which immediately became a timepiece symbol. This 44mm automatic chronograph has a black PVD brushed steel case, a black dial and a white dial. V12-44-BN has a real sports style. Loyal to the racing culture of the world.

BRM’s best-selling watch so far, the popularity of V12-44 almost overnight.

“From the very beginning, this was an immediate success. It will never impress anyone, and certainly will not make anyone feel indifferent. The BRM V12-44 series is a true symbol of manufacturing, with its piston-shaped case , Screwed lugs, ultra-light hands and dials with race numbers represent everything BRM cherishes.” Made by BRM

Therefore, to celebrate this decade’s milestone, BRM has created a way for audiophiles to customize and manufacture their own perfect watches for the first time. Using the brand’s new interactive BRM configurator, prospective buyers can virtually completely customize their V12-44 by choosing every design detail of the clock. In total, there are 12,000 possibilities for 20 different models.

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BRM will also release a special ultra-limited edition V12-44-GT-10 ANS to commemorate this occasion.

Each product has the following features: polished stainless steel case, hollow dial, black buttons and lugs, black crown with BRM logo, black and red ultra-light hands, winner black and white leather strap and automatic chronograph movement.

BRM Chronograph V8-44-GU

Bernard Richards Manufacture is famous for its timepieces inspired by cars. They focus on perfection rather than mass production, refined every detail of all extraordinary watches.

Whether you are a racer or just a car fan, this watch belongs to your wrist.

BRM V8-44-GU is a unique and exclusive addition to the Gulf series. It is issued in limited edition and only 200 pieces are produced. For BRM timepieces, quality has never been an issue, and V8-44-GU is no exception. It is wrapped in brushed stainless steel with black PVD coating, and the case size is 44mm. Thanks to this stainless steel case, as well as scratch-resistant, anti-glare, sapphire crystal face, you don’t need to worry about wear.

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The dial mimics the same black color of the case, ensuring that the bay logo and color decoration are vibrant and visually appealing.

This watch is a black leather strap with stitching to match the color of the bay. The BRM V8-44-GU is sturdy and practical, making it very suitable for racing, but it remains refined and elegant, suitable for everyday wear. Whether you are a racer or just a car fan, this Price replica watch belongs to your wrist.

Specifications and details:

Case: PVD coated stainless steel

Case width: 44 mm

Face: Sapphire crystal

Strap: leather

Power reserve: 48 hours