Buy F.P.Journe CLASSIQUE Quantieme Perpetuel Platinum Replica watch

F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel combines technical exquisiteness, excellent readability, unparalleled craftsmanship, and most importantly, its appearance has surpassed most other watches. Angus Davies watched this fascinating work closely and considered whether it was best worn on the wrist or on the gallery wall.

Whenever I cradle F.P.’s gloved Journe timepiece, I evaluate its composition with high respect. These are not watches that you dare to drag on the table, wear when playing golf, or suffer fanatical impact on a treadmill. No, these watches are worthy of appreciation and careful cherishment.

Recently, I sat in the conference room of the company’s Geneva headquarters to evaluate F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel is undisturbed. The quietness of the monastery surrounding me allows me to absorb every nuance of this extraordinary creation. Indeed, when I held my watch, it reminded me of the time I spent in an art gallery, motionless in front of the glorious canvas painted by the great masters. Obligation to wander in front of the glasses on display and taste every element of the composition. This F.P. Journe and a 17th century oil painting are clearly visible.

Some people may think that my preamble is excessive, but I believe other people who watched one of Mr. Journe’s watches at close range will immediately know that my introduction paragraph is deserved.

F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel is a “perpetual calendar with instantaneous jumps”. It combines technical sophistication and aesthetic charm.

Perpetual calendar interpretation

A simple calendar watch requires the wearer to manually advance a specified date after one month with a duration of less than 31 days.

The annual calendar can identify months between 30 days and 31 days, and advance to January 1 of the next month as appropriate. However, the annual calendar cannot handle 28 days in February (or 29 days in leap years). Therefore, the date displayed on the annual calendar needs to be manually corrected on March 1 of each year.

The perpetual calendar is resistance. This type of watch has mechanical knowledge and can correctly display the dates of all months, even the 28 or 29 days of February can be considered. Assuming that the watch is kept tightened, manual correction is not required until 2100. According to the rules of the solar calendar, this particular year is not considered a year.


F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel offers platinum or 18K rose gold options. 40mm and 42mm case options provide further options. The selected case material determines the tone of the dial. Personally, I am obsessed with the warm tones of the 18K rose gold model in the 42mm case. From now on, I will focus on the latter.

Although I freely admit that I am interested in perpetual calendars, their dials can sometimes appear chaotic and chaotic. Generally, many pointer displays give the date, date, month and leap year. In addition, it seems necessary to add a moon phase indicator. Some perpetual calendar displays are easier to understand than other perpetual calendars, but sometimes the indications may deviate from the main hour and minute display.

Mr. Journe refined the perpetual calendar into the clearest example of this type of Buy fake aaa watch. The two elongated holes located in the upper half of the dial mark the date and month with clear black text on the white disc. By determining the current date and month, the chance of misreading the dial can be greatly reduced.

The a-year indicator is located at the fulcrum of the dial below the hour and minute hands. Each value is displayed in a quadrant using black numbers, but the save year is displayed as a red “L”.

In the southern hemisphere of the dial, the large date display device consists of two date discs, which clearly display the date in a clear and unambiguous way. Interestingly, when applicable, the date, month and day will change immediately and simultaneously. Flashing, you will miss the transition. To promote this instantaneous change, F.P. Journe uses an ingenious system that accumulates energy and releases it as needed, then slows down the mechanism at the end of the conversion phase.

The F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel played the role of a perpetual calendar, but it did not show the current time as a cost. The blue hour and minute hands adopt Maison’s time-tested design language, using curved lines to express time in an extraordinary style.

The hour markers are marked with Arabic numerals avec serifs, and the background is white silver. When the numbers surround the center of the ellipse of the dial, the proportions of the numbers change. Chemical reagents occupy the periphery of the dial and prove to be useful when reading minute records.

F.P. Journe avoids the moon phase indicator that is common in many other perpetual calendars, making the dial of this model full of neatness. Then it seems strange to introduce a feature that is rarely seen on the perpetual calendar (a power reserve indicator).

However, it turns out that it is very wise to include it. Compared to simple watches that only display hours and minutes, setting up a perpetual calendar is very time-consuming. If the great fake watch is removed from the wrist and the clockwork is allowed to relax, the owner must look for excessive time to adjust all the instructions. By equipping the dial with dial-side indicators, the wearer can easily see the available energy and recharge it without tension in the mainspring, thus avoiding time-consuming manual corrections.