Demonstrating outstanding watchmaking skills, Breguet Tradition, 2020 new product appreciation

On November 3, 2020, Swiss distinguished watch brand Breguet held the Tradition Passed Down 2020 new works tour exhibition in Beijing. This event mainly displayed the new Tradition Passed down series and other classic Breguet watches, highlighting Breguet Exquisite watchmaking skills.

The Tradition handed down series came out in 2005. It was inspired by the subscription pocket watch. Its avant-garde and bold aesthetic design and harmonious and symmetrical mechanical structure make the style of the watch unique, very forward-looking and recognizable. The exhibition also highlights the new watches of this series and past works.

Breguet Tradition handed down series 7597 date retrograde watch

This new Tradition series date retrograde watch continues the classic design of the series, revealing the movement and all the structures on the dial. This watch not only displays the hours and minutes, but also is equipped with a retrograde date display.

The retrograde date display of the watch is located at the bottom of the dial. The multi-layered design of the curved pointer ensures that it can cross over the movement parts during retrograde. The 10 o’clock position adopts a screw-in adjuster and is equipped with a patented The flexible stylus can adjust the date at ease.

Breguet Tradition series 7038 ladies watch

This newly launched Breguet Tradition series 7038 ladies replica watches online, with a rose gold case and a Tahitian mother-of-pearl dial decorated with Paris nail guilloché engraved patterns, combines femininity and mechanical performance.

This watch is equipped with an orange leather strap, which is particularly dazzling. At the same time, there is a matching handbag when purchasing this watch. The decorative pattern on the handbag is also consistent with the engraving pattern on the watch barrel.

In addition to the two watches introduced above, other classic works of the Tradition series were also displayed on the scene, but these works have common characteristics. Under the complex imagery of the dial, the precise layout and cooperative operation make Breguet bold and avant-garde. The aesthetic design is vividly displayed. In addition to the Tradition series, we also saw new works from the nautical series and the Queen of Naples series.

Breguet Marine 5527 Chronograph

The legendary story of Breguet and the ocean has lasted for more than two hundred years. The Marine nautical series perfectly blends tradition and dynamic aesthetics to unearth a new nautical style.

This Breguet Marine series 5527 chronograph, 18K white gold case with blue dial, calm and classic color. The dial of the watch is hand-engraved with an original wave-style guilloche engraving pattern, as if the sea is placed on the wrist. In addition, this watch is equipped with a matching gold bracelet, which is more dynamic and attractive.

Breguet Queen of Naples 8918 watch

The Breguet Queen of Naples series is exquisite and elegant, with delicate and charming hands-on effects. This Queen of Naples series 8918 watch is this year’s new product, with light blue as the main color, the oval-shaped contour case is slightly elongated, the bezel is inlaid with diamonds, and the blue steel Breguet hands are Breguet’s classic design. One, a pear-shaped cut diamond dotted at 6 o’clock, the overall shape is fresh and elegant.

In view of the space, there are more new masterpieces that have not yet been shared with you Buy 1:1 replica watches friends, but through this appreciation, I have a close experience of the creative design and exquisite workmanship of these excellent products, and also feel that Breguet has a long history of brand The inheritance of history and the infinite prospect of the future.