Blancpain, a great artist in watchmaking

Concentration is perhaps the biggest difference between watchmakers and ordinary people. In the Jura Valley in Switzerland, from the attic craftsman centuries ago, to the brand of MANUFACTURE DE HAUTE that represents the spirit of high-level watchmaking, Blancpain ( swiss Blancpain), this high-end watchmaking brand that has experienced nearly three centuries of polishing, it is precisely because of insisting on the focus on watches that it has an unquestionable and unshakable position in the current watchmaking field. Today, we will explore the secret behind the achievements of Blancpain watchmaking, and get to know Blancpain up close from the perspectives of movement, design aesthetics and technical craftsmanship.

Special identity imprint

“MANUFACTURE DE HAUTE HORLOGERIE”, only a few watchmaking brands have sufficient watchmaking level and ability to use this identity imprint. Blancpain is the only watch brand that can use the “MANUFACTURE DE HAUTE HORLOGERIE” identity imprint. Blancpain’s watchmaking history can be traced back to the 18th century. Some people can’t help asking, what is “MANUFACTURE DE HAUTE HORLOGERIE”?

In fact, the word “MANUFACTURE” is derived from the Latin phrase “manu factura”, which means “manufactured by hand.” Today, it means the ability to independently design, produce, and assemble watch movement brand strength, truly full autonomy from A to Z, Blancpain’s movement is completely independently produced by Blancpain brand.

And “HAUTE HORLOGERIE” has clear and strict requirements-7 major items and nearly 30 detailed rules, covering all aspects of timepieces including history, quality, design, innovation, and after-sales. Being able to pass such rigorous assessment standards shows its brand strength.

Get a glimpse of the secrets behind fine watchmaking

Nowadays, people often judge a perfect replica watches based on whether the dial looks complicated and good at first glance. As everyone knows, the spirit of fine watchmaking is often hidden in many details. And these details are reflected in the continuous exploration and innovation of complex technology and artistic craftsmanship by watchmakers, and also in those seemingly simple but highly appreciated design aesthetics, the so-called simple but not simple.

First of all, let me talk about the big complication that represents fine watchmaking skills. Among them, tourbillon and Caruso are two representative complex functions.

The Blancpain 12-Day Long Power Tourbillon Watch 66240-3431-55B with an ultra-long power reserve of 12 days with just one barrel

The birth of the tourbillon can be traced back to the 18th century. The design of the tourbillon takes into account the influence of gravity on the watch when it is in different positions. The adjustment mechanism is integrated into a rotating frame to counteract this effect. In the most classic tourbillon, the frame rotates once per minute. The entire frame continuously passes through all vertical positions, and in this way undergoes stages of acceleration and deceleration, so that the effects of gravity can be corrected and offset.

Blancpain Classic 6633-1500-55B case back

Blancpain’s bird tourbillon is also praised by netizens as the most beautiful tourbillon. Blancpain’s flying bird tourbillon not only inherits the structure of the classic tourbillon, but also makes an epoch-making innovation on this basis. The entire rotating frame of the Blancpain Bird Tourbillon is independently supported by a single bearing. The structure is lighter and it runs like a smart bird. The built-in design, which is different from the traditional tourbillon, makes it closer to the dial, and the beautiful posture is unobstructed, allowing everyone to appreciate the charming charm of mechanical art. Over the years, Blancpain has launched a variety of tourbillon watches, many of which are masterpieces integrated with other complex functions, such as minute repeaters and perpetual calendars. Among them, the most prestigious “Watch King 1735” combines the minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, moon phase profit and loss, and double rattrapante chronograph in a self-winding movement, and at the same time makes such an ultra-complex watch as best as possible. Thin realm.

Another complication that is highly recognizable by Blancpain is Caruso. Blancpain revived the complex watchmaking craftsmanship of Carrousel and launched an innovative one-minute coaxial carrousel, which greatly improved its accuracy and made it a masterpiece that kept pace with the tourbillon. , Let the mechanical art dance on the wrist.

Blancpain Master Series One-Minute Flight Carrousel 0225-3434-53B Watch

The Calibre Cal.225 carried by this Carussell watch was launched in 2008. The unprecedented coaxial structure is actually almost one minute per minute. This automatic movement with a power reserve of 120 hours is born out of Blancpain’s most famous Cal.25 eight-day power automatic tourbillon movement, but it is uniquely embedded in a Caruso frame in the part of the tourbillon frame, and it is the same The shaft is Carrousel structure, and it has a high speed of one revolution per minute. The main difference between the tourbillon and Caruso is whether the four wheels are fixed or not rotating.