Patek Philippe: 2526 and 3448

Auction one lot, two platinum swiss Patek Philippe: 2526 and 3448 at Christie’s

For an old Patek Philippe lover, the situation couldn’t be better.

Even in the high-end market, the way people sell watches has changed a lot in 2020. It turns out that Phillips has a strong retail business on its Perpetual platform, headed by the famous James Marks, but they still continue to commission, organize and sell watches to Geneva, Hong Kong and New York. Flagship sales in major markets. It turns out that the best watches will continue to bring extraordinary prices, and Paul Boutros’ “Racing Pulse” sales next month will be what any watch enthusiast would hope for, whether they plan to bid or not.

Christie’s Auction House and Sotheby’s Auction House’s other two big companies have adopted different strategies and now conduct regular (real weekly) online sales on the auction platform, and sometimes even conduct different sales in different offices at the same time. For example, when I write this article, you can choose to bid for a watch in no less than five Sotheby’s watch auctions, and you can choose (but not bid) one sixth. You will also receive notifications for the sale of the seventh and eighth watches, but you cannot view or bid for the time being.

I didn’t mention that this is a bad idea at all-Sotheby’s continues to sell well here, but as a person who loves watch auctions and the drama involved, it is difficult to keep up. Christie’s auction house is located between the Phillips auction house and Sotheby’s auction house. In the summer, they include several high-end watches in large multi-category auctions. They only hold the annual New York December auction online, but their important watch auctions will The live auction in Hong Kong will be released on November 28. Since all these sporadic signals are sold around some very good watches and some very ordinary watches, it is easy to miss the fact that some great watches may be offered. This is why we are here today.

Patek Philippe 3448 Platinum
Christie’s spent most of the time talking about Patek Philippe’s “Ruby Collection”, which indeed contains a gold 3448 reference with a ruby ​​dial. I have never seen it before, which is undoubtedly a cool thing. It is important to note that the watch was made in 1965, but the dial was made and installed by Patek Philippe in 1990. Obviously, this work is done for very important customers, and even cooler is that the bezel has been factory modified to solve the problem of raised rubies. Hour mark. Very cool, but not the 3448 I am most excited about. Nonetheless, our colleagues in Japan made a beautiful photo report on the collection here. No, the previous four products are another 3448, but it is platinum. It looks absolutely stunning.

3448 is the most durable and one of the most beautiful vintage Patek Philippe vintages for me. Large diameter-complicated, but self-winding. This is Patek Philippe’s first self-winding perpetual calendar, and in the best way it is a completely modern pocket watch. It is also one of the few intricate antique watches of Patek Philippe, which once left the factory in a platinum factory.

These watches are highly sought after by serious collectors around the world, and it is a feat to discover any 3448 white gold strap. Finding a seemingly robust and primitive state is quite another matter. These watches have been around $500,000 for many years, but when an excellent example comes out, everything is possible. In June 2019, Christie’s auction house sold what I think is the best example of 3448 white I have ever seen. They sold for $1.155 million, with an estimated price of $300,000 to $500,000. In this example, Christie’s called it one of the 50 known watches, only one of 25 in the first series of watches. Apart from that, they said this is probably one of the three best known examples in the world. They continue to provide detailed information about the first series of dials, such as the fact that the early dials were engraved with enamel lettering and scales-only the “Swiss” at the bottom was painted with black paint-a clever little way to know if you renew View the early or late 3448. The back of the dial shows “1119045”, if you look at the excerpt, it is the movement number of the watch. The outstanding performance of Christie’s allows viewers to watch all the key components of 3448 if they are considering paying a world record price for the replica watches china. By the way, this is exactly what Christie’s suggested, and the estimated value of the watch is US$932,864-1,554,774.

I will not say how this watch compares to the watches sold in June 2019, because although I did see one of them, I did not have the opportunity to see this one with my own eyes. I would say that it is really great. Although the platinum bracelet is not born on the watch, it is really suitable and adds to the charm of the watch. Of course, you can remove it from the Patek Philippe white gold bracelet and wear it as you like. 3448 white has always been my personal pursuit. I missed the opportunity to own it, but it made me also keen to see these exquisite, high-quality watches on the market. To learn more about this 3448 perpetual calendar, see Christie’s in Hong Kong on November 28.

Patek Philippe luxury 2526 white gold with confirmed enamel dial
In the same auction, there is another Patek Philippe antique collection – 2526 platinum. Look, I won’t tell you why I will fall in love with all the songs and dances of 2526 again-if you will, here are 5,000 words from four and a half years ago. All in all, it may have the highest quality self-winding movement ever created, one of the most exquisite case shapes, and, if lucky, an unparalleled enamel dial. Any year 2526 is great. White metal is a dream. I was lucky enough to buy it many years ago and it is still one of the best watches in my hand. But to understand the nuances of white metal in the 2526s, some scholarships are needed. The vast majority of white metal 2526s between platinum and white gold (less than 50 as we know) have metal dials with diamond indexes. I happen to like these things too, like the pinnacle of 1950s style. Remember when this incredible Serpico Y Laino white gold watch with diamond markings was sold for $325,000 in 2017? Really

I’m not saying that enamel dials are better than metal dials in all respects-you can argue the other way around: metal dials make them easier to wear on a daily basis. That is a point of view that I would agree with. But I would say that enamel dial watches are more special to me. Because who else was making enamel dials at that time? In addition to finding 2526 platinum or platinum, you should also try to find a feature that has an extract to confirm that the enamel dial is actually born in this watch. Patek Philippe does offer the opportunity to exchange dials. In addition, some watches with enamel dials may not benefit from clearly stated excerpts and are not ideal (but not bad). Furthermore, since the 2526 dial has been highly praised, you can choose to use a new enamel dial to replace the damaged dial. We published a story about this service in October 2016.

The detailed notes from Christie’s Auction House provide you with the details that make 2526 Platinum so special. “There are approximately 2,400 gold pieces made, 360 pieces of gold, 70 pieces of platinum, and 70 pieces of platinum. According to research, although platinum and platinum are manufactured in the same amount, the platinum version is actually rarer than gold. So far, only about 20 have been found. A platinum watch, and now 24 platinum watches are publicly known.” They did not mention how many of the 20 enamel dials and metal dials they found, but assuming that less than half of them, this is indeed a very rare It was found that, in fact, the extract confirmed that it was enamel and there were no visible cracks on the dial.

Christie’s auction house once again brilliantly displayed the various items of any high luxury store that 2526 collectors want to see, including the movement, the inside of the back cover and so on. Interestingly, at least from online viewing, there is no service mark inside the back cover of 2526 and 3448. For creative fanatics, this is an amazing thing. The estimate here is $310,955 to $414,606. Obviously, the money is a lot, but it is difficult to price this rare thing. I don’t remember the last time the enamel dial platinum 2526 was publicly confirmed-I’m not sure it’s been out since I came out. More than five years ago, we saw a beautiful platinum example at Phillips, sold at a price of $227,000, but it was difficult to compensate for the product ten years ago. Since then, the aforementioned diamond dial was sold for $325,000 in 2017. The extraordinary platinum, Tiffany signature watch earned $642,000 30 months ago-these are two high-quality whites to be sold in the past five years. Metal 2526s instance.