Richard MILLE Bonbon RM 07-03 Marshmallow

Item Type: Replica Bonbon RM 007 Watches
Model Number: RM 07-03 Marshmallow
Case Material: Ceramic,Tonneau
Movement: Self-winding
Dial Diameter: 45.3 mm
Gender: women
Thickness: 11.90 mm
Dial: White / Rose
Glass: Sapphire
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: 50 m
Band Material Type: Rubber strap
Functions: Hours / Minutes

Richard Mille’s success

Avant garde Maison’s new dessert brings a candy journey

Licorice, lollipops and marshmallows-who would think of candy, let alone cupcakes, would glazed the glazed dial of a mechanical watch?

The Bonbon series surprises fake Richard Mille, who likes to eat sweets. Richard Mille usually draws inspiration from the aviation and automotive industries.

The avant-garde brand has released 10 candy-inspired models-4 of which are classified in the Sweets collection that showcases exquisite craftsmanship.

Extremely high firing temperature (approximately 800 degrees Celsius) is required to have the mouth-watering patterns on the dials of RM07-03 cupcakes, RM 07-03 marshmallows and RM 37-01 Sucette.

Just like making rock candy or tempered chocolate, this is a harsh process that determines the strength and luster of the decorative parts.

Art director Cécile Guenat explained that the technique of firing and glazing is different from the traditional method in order to reproduce the dessert made of grade 5 titanium, red gold or titanium combined with red or white gold on the dial. .

Guenat said: “Our enamel enamel is produced without an enamel lining. This allows us to reduce the thickness, but it also increases the complexity of the production process.”

The enamel surface is usually flattened by leveling and sanding so that the final surface does not exceed the specified height. However, this polishing will wipe away the texture and flatten the surface.

“In order to maintain the volume and appearance of the material itself, we chose to polish the grand feu enamel on the RM 07-03 marshmallow instead of slack. This is to achieve the fluffy quality of the marshmallow on the dial, for example,” she said.

The dial of the RM 07-03 model shares an assembly of multiple plates to produce a spiral pattern. The modular structure enhances the realism of the volume and highlights the texture.

Guanat said: “The 6 large feu enamel plates of Marshmallow are made separately before assembly and assembly. We decided not to add a border to the dial, but to retain any outline.” “The grand enamel coating rises to the flange. And the height of the graduation line. This also proved to be a technical challenge.”

The dial of the RM 37-01 Sucette has a swirl of green and garnet, the date is displayed below 12 o’clock, and the function selector is at 4 o’clock.

The fourth model, the RM 16-01 Réglisse, is centered on a licorice roll, stamped from a solid titanium block and coated with black chrome, reminiscent of a waxy coating of candy. The date and time are at 7 o’clock, and two square and round licorice candies are used as hour and quarter markers respectively.

The limited editions of the Sweets series are housed in two-tone ceramic cases. The frame and bottom cover are made of TZP ceramic, which is a highly scratch-resistant material and comes in a variety of colors.

For example, the bezel and back cover of the Réglisse and Sucette models use a combination of pink and yellow blush, and a combination of green and gray green hunter.

The cupcake case is shaded blue, and the white gold strap is reminiscent of the fluted lining and the crown shape of the crown, “baking” the details of this exquisite timepiece. buy watches online