“The King of Sports Watch” RICHARD MILLE

Today, I want to talk about swiss RICHARD MILLE.

In the past, what I have talked about most is the watches I have bought and played. The price is mostly famous watches with a public price of tens of thousands to more than 200,000 yuan. Although there are occasional watches with higher prices, I can’t afford the RICHARD MILLE level (set a goal for myself, I hope I can Buy it).

Watches that have not been bought or played, and are outside the scope of their capabilities, are inevitably suspected of “talking on paper”. The reason I want to talk about RICHARD MILLE is because I had the opportunity to meet RICHARD MILLE’s RM 61-01 and RM 39-01 a while ago. Among them, 61-01 left a deep impression on me. Many of RICHARD MILLE’s introductions on the Internet list various technical data. I don’t think it means much, so I want to talk about my personal feelings.


I have two feelings.

  1. After many years of buying watches, going in and out, and jumping back and forth between a formal watch and a sports watch, I found that my favorite is a sports watch.
  2. When a certain price is reached, the choice of sports watches decreases.

RM038 Tourbillon

In the market, there are not many high-end sports watches that can support high prices and are widely recognized and circulated. There are mainly the following brands:

Patek Philippe/Nautilus, grenades, Vacheron Constantin/Audemars Piguet/Royal Oak, Roger Dubuis/King Hollow, Big Bull, Hublot/Big Bang, Crystal, Rafa, Rolex/Some popular sports are mainly based on labor. These high-end sports watches have high actual prices and a certain amount of circulation on the market.

With the “average price exceeding one million” level, RICHARD MILLE is aloof, and has opened a huge gap with other high-end sports watches. RICHARD MILLE has become the “peak” of sports watches, and there is no similar product.

RM52-01 Skeleton

Compared with mainstream watches on the market, RICHARD MILLE is extremely rare in life because of its high value. There are very few opportunities to touch and play with real RICHARD MILLE watches. There are situations where most people have seen RICHARD MILLE on the Internet, but haven’t actually contacted them. So some people will ask, is such a high price of RICHARD MILLE a “gimmick”? Is it really that awesome? It is normal to have this kind of doubt.


The new RICHARD MILLE RM 61-01 I saw this time left a deep impression on me and made me feel why RICHARD MILLE has such a high value. Comparing the Nautilus I bought, and a few Hublots, I really feel the overwhelming strength of RICHARD MILLE.

Pick up RM 61-01, it is really light and super light. If I want to say “light as nothing”, it must be an exaggeration. If I insist on describing it, I feel like picking up a few pieces of paper. This super light feeling is something I didn’t have on any steel case, titanium case, ceramic case, etc. watches before. Players who are familiar with RICHARD MILLE know the term NTPT. The reason why RM 61-01 is so light is that it uses NTPT technology, including Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT (NTPT is the name of a company, and RICHARD MILLE develops a table Shell material, it developed Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT materials, which means).

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Ultimate Edition

Carbon TPT is a carbon fiber, and Quartz TPT is a quartz fiber. The bottom of the RM 61-01 white bezel is Quartz TPT quartz fiber, and the body of the black case is Carbon TPT carbon fiber. The reason why two materials are used for a watch is because Quartz TPT quartz fiber can be made into different colors (including this white and various colors) while being light in weight, while Carbon TPT carbon fiber is light in weight and high in strength (but black ). Used together, it is very powerful, taking into account both performance and color.

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE Ultimate Edition

I have seen some players say, “Other famous watch brands also make innovative materials, not worse than RICHARD MILLE.” Just for all the famous watches that I have personally bought and played, whether it is a titanium case, a ceramic case, or even a Hublot crystal case, they have not reached the level of RICHARD MILLE’s ultra-light and color.

RM 61-01 YOHAN BLAKE ultimate edition, you can see the movement is suspended in the center of the case.

RM 61-01 includes RICHARD MILLE’s other men’s watches. Regarding the size, they are all large watches. But what’s very good is that after getting started, they are very fit and comfortable. Coupled with the super light weight, it can be said to be the ultimate sports watch. The tonneau-shaped case of RM 61-01, if you look closely, you will find that it is asymmetrical, with small left and large right. This is the ergonomic design of RICHARD MILLE. In terms of movement, players familiar with RICHARD MILLE know that the RM61 is commonly known as the “runway” in China because the watch movement is suspended on two obvious “runways” (of course, there are other supports). The watch has no dial, and the movement is hollowed out in a large area, which is very cool.

RM61 ceramic shell, green color, commonly known as “green track” in China.

From RM 61-01, I feel that RICHARD MILLE has reached the “peak” of sports watches. Reached the highest combination of performance and high recognition. In my personal feelings, the Nautilus 5711A takes into account sports and thin thickness, and is also very easy to wear, but the 5711A is not a high-profile watch, not as eye-catching as RICHARD MILLE in terms of recognition and coolness; and Hublot is indeed also It’s cool. Whether it’s colored ceramics or colored crystals, the recognition is very high, but it is not as good as RICHARD MILLE in terms of weight and wearing experience.

I hope that in the future, I and you all will be able to join RICHARD MILLE.