MB&F HM8 Only Watch: a symbolic product designed to help children with myopathy

In order to make such a replica swiss watch, the Swiss Watch Company asked a very special artist to create the most unique work: Cassandra Legendre, a 15-year-old young Spanish artist Putting all its creativity at the core of HM8, the “watch only” function perfectly blends the childish appearance and the most exquisite design.

The basis of the HM8 “Only Watch” watch is the design of MB&F’s iconic Horological Machine N°8, which was created as a tribute to the famous American Can-Am racing car. Today, creativity leads to childish creativity: I painted Cassandra Legendre’s work on its sapphire crystal, and reproduced this work with metal engraving, showing a certain amazing Imagination: robots, jellyfish, jet planes, excellent dials decorated with ice cream cones, footballs, video game controllers, sunglasses and many other symbolic elements of childhood.

However, it turns out that this is only the most poignant representative of HM8 “Only Watch” is indeed the elephant: this animal has softness, impressive strength and obvious size at the same time, and is a perfect reference for children. Suffering from myopathy, at least this is what the budding artist Cassandra Legendre said. This refined platinum elephant is molded in three dimensions under the safety ring of the work. This effect is achieved due to the optical prism, giving the impression of a mini sculpture: an extraordinary rendering effect requires no less than 120 hours . Therefore, this kind animal turned out to be one of the core characters of the smiling HM8 “Only Watch” (watch only). This symbolic figure is made from a platinum record. Through it,

HM8 “Only Watch”, as its name implies, is a unique work with multiple symbols, which will be auctioned on November 11 to commemorate a noble cause: helping children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.