Review of Richard Mille RM67-01 Medium Edition

On a recent trip, I was fortunate enough to meet a young lady wearing a medium RM67-01 suit. I find this watch is very suitable for her wrist, because it also exudes many elegance and characteristics. We tend to forget it, but Richard Mille has been engaged in ladies watches for many years. The long history started at RM007 in 2005 and is still very active now. For example, at the time I was writing this article, the last piece that Richard Mille showed was the ladies watch RM71-01 automatic tourbillon amulet.

I have written on PuristSPro several times, but I want to say it again: I like RM67-01. For me, this watch is the most attractive watch among Richard Mille’s entry-level products, because its design is effective and it subtly updates the brand’s traditional tonneau-shaped case. This watch is characterized by a slim case, which is magnified by the exquisiteness of the case: the thickness is less than 8 mm. But it also provides a technical dial, giving it a very modern style. This dial provides transparency, allowing you to observe the movement and its structure. But it also draws patterns that connect the numbers between them. Sometimes I feel like I am in front of some kind of printed circuit board. The result is amazing because I found it very modern, and I tend to think that this rendering will remain timeless.

I particularly like the other two other details: the date window is very discreet, and the other complications-the function indicators of the crown (winding, date, hand setting) literally fade into the decorative structure of the dial. This indicator also proves the use of the internal movement CRMA6. This movement is exactly the same as the appearance of the dial. It provides a very modern architecture, impeccable surface treatment, and contains many important details from a technical point of view, such as a rapidly rotating barrel, in order to obtain more stable performance in the entire power reserve. The winding quality adopts platinum to improve the efficiency of automatic winding. The power reserve is approximately fifty hours.

The strength of the RM67-01 medium kit (the same is true for the full version) is that the stone can be drawn with various patterns, which can serve and enhance the design. By creating these patterns, the diamond-shaped setting highlights the curves of the watch and accompanies the geometry of the dial while retaining a certain visual brightness. From an aesthetic point of view, I rarely see such a perfect setting. RM67-01 maintains its fluidity, and the precious side is very delicate. I never felt that I was facing a dazzling replica Lady watch.

Despite its large size (38.7 x 47.5mm), the RM67-01 set is an ideal choice for women’s wrists. To be honest, this watch also works well on men’s wrists. Because this is the strength of RM67-01, please set it or not. If the wrist is small, these sizes can be frightening. However, due to its slightly curved shape, the watch follows the curve of the wrist and does not look bulky. The exquisite appearance is like the reasonable width of a belt.

I really fell in love with this watch. When her master finished the look with her bracelet (to be honest, I’m not sure about the safety and sustainability of the recommended rose gold case!), her wrist became very stylish…irresistible!

Through this meeting, I learned about the power of replica Richard Mille design. Often copied, imitated but rarely copied. This watch proves that Richard Mille is not only synonymous with power, strength and extreme technology. The RM67-01 medium kit maintains dynamic dimensions, but is expressed in a simpler and refined style. From my own point of view, I think this is an ideal ladies watch!