MB&F HM9 SV, sapphire case

The new meaning of the skull replica watch! MB&F HM9 SV, sapphire case

MB&F has always been a brand that breaks the limits of the watchmaking industry. Whether it is related to the time display method or the case design method, the boundaries will always be broken. HM9 is a good example-MB&F has created a brand new watch. Inspired by cars and airplanes from the 1940s and 1950s, this watch has two balance wheels and a vertical time display. The case itself really looks like airplanes and cars of that era, with aerodynamics as the focus.

The original watch was made of titanium and gold, and fake MB&F broke the boundaries further with the HM9 SV. SV has a sapphire and gold case, allowing the wearer to see the entire movement. Crazy, right? Accompanied by the patented 3D gasket, this is the first time a watch company has performed such an operation, and the amount of processing that makes this case lifelike is shocking. Max Busser said in an interview that the sapphire that the original HM9 used to display the flying balance took 60 hours to manufacture. Imagine what happened in the whole case!

HM9 has four colors. Black, blue, rose gold and our personal favorite purple, limited edition.