Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Work with Geneva craftsmen to create the skeleton of Patek Philippe Nautilus

Geneva craftsmen provide exclusive services of watch modification to private customers worldwide. Their latest commission is the Pearl project-the stunning openwork Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711.

Recently, it was reported that the Reference 5711/1A version of the well-known Nautilus sports watch from the respected watchmaker would be discontinued, and many Patek Philippe fans were in shock.

For those who don’t think that the Patek Philippe reference number is an essential element of memory, 5711/1A has always been the hottest model in the brand’s lineup, although it is not the most complex, rare, expensive or exotic model (its The shell is made of steel). It is recently estimated that the new waiting time will be a full ten years.

Therefore, to get any description of 5711, it is on the wish list of countless hobbyists around the world, but for a particular “super collector”, having this immediately recognizable and highly sought after example of a watch It is simply not enough. Therefore, he entrusted the standard version to the micro-engineering genii of Artisans de Genève, a watch customization company, and turned it into something unique.

The case and the one-piece bracelet that made Nautilus designed such an eye-catching design remained silent, but the rest of the watch was completely reimagined by the artisan Artisans de Genève, creating something that has never been seen before-perhaps never again.

The changes include the structure of the forged carbon bezel, a complex component that was developed as a single project, specifically designed to perfectly mimic the subtle, octagonal contours of Nautilus.

At the same time, the standard dial is reduced to n-level, beveled by hand, treated with a matte satin finish, and then highlighted with contrasting rose gold markers. Even the hands of the watch have nothing to do with the original case. Once again, the case is specially engraved, chamfered and satin-finished for special reasons-for aesthetic reasons and to ensure first-class readability.

One of the main purposes of minimizing the dial is to fully display the movement of the watch. Although it is based on fake Patek Philippe‘s 26-330 movement, it has become a unique movement due to its excellent three-year customization process, which requires the input of an entire team of professional craftsmen from different regions of Switzerland. For example, one person is responsible for the manual chamfering of many minute parts of the movement, while others use traditional methods for satin polishing or round texture polishing. Geneva craftsmen even carried out skeletonization and manual chamfering of gold, self-winding rotor and mirror-polished balance bridge.

This personalized result even makes the difficult-to-obtain 5711/1A relatively commonplace-few people previously believed it was a feat.