Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon Watch

For 2014, Jacob & Co. replica brought amazing watch ideas, which will surely impress everyone from traditional watch lovers to the general public. It is easy to understand why “wow” is a typical response to this complicated and very interesting watch creation. When and whether astronomers will actually make this is another question, but even if the clock is still digital video, I am happy to create this pure concept.

The whole point of astronomy will provide you with a “four-arm” movement with a time dial (as the entire movement structure rotates on its axis, its twist remains upright), a tourbillon (technically on 2 axes) Point on movement) ), rotating the second hand and the rotating ball will reverse the second hand. The astronomical sky more or less retains this performance (although the design and implementation are different), and adds some astronomical complexity. Follow the small hand of the 12-month scale, completely surrounding the surface. Now, look at the center of this four-arm motion structure. On top of it, you will find a small sphere that looks like the earth. This globe has a hemispherical shield surrounding it, which can be used as a day/night indicator. There are only two pivot points to note here. They are the 24-hour rotation of the day/night index. In addition, the earth rotates every 20 minutes because this is the rotation time of the four-arm movement. The little “world” itself is made of titanium, then painted by hand, and then carved. Under the movement of the movement, there is a star map with the stripes of the Chinese zodiac. The face is made of blue titanium (similar to the look we have long loved in De Bethune watches) and has an oval “sky indicator” hand. In fact, the entire dial rotates once a year,

Jacob & Co. is one of the first watchmakers to understand the function of “crazy watch”, a mechanical watch with epic complications, its function is only to resemble the tone of many rap music videos And the way the content is amazed. These watches are designed as “ultra-luxury lifestyle” watches, The significance of a watch like this is that it should be more impressive than most other things that wealthy people can afford.

Nothing I say is mean or ironic. Indeed, the target population of such watches is very small. We are talking about new money and new money. Consumers of this type are interested in claiming their wealth because sometimes they do not have enough capacity to spend money. Having said that, due to its high horological pedigree, works such as the astronomical tourbillon do have an elegant atmosphere. Although Jacob & Co. may have a “diverse” customer base that represents people you would and don’t want to have dinner with, they are certainly capable of doing so when they go all out.

Except for video tapes and pictures, there is currently very little information about the astronomical tourbillon, and Jacob & Co. is enough to equip us for the “release” at Baselworld 2014. We hope to see it in person or eventually. Sometimes such a best watch first made its debut in the form of computer rendering, and it won’t be released until a few years later, because it may take longer to make a working movement. This may be the case, because the movement in the astronomical tourbillon seems ambitious. The watch itself is not a complicated function of the chronometer, but is based on them. The center of the watch is the “sun”, and there are four orbiting objects around it.

These items include the dial of the time (it remained upright in all positions as it moved around the main dial), the rotating representation of the earth, the rotating spherical crystal (perhaps a diamond), and finally the impressive dual-axis tourbillon. All of this is based on an excellent planetary gear device, and any engineering student (or watchmaker) will be proud of their semester project.

It is not clear whether the rotating Earth is consistent with the planet’s 24-hour cycle, and whether it can be used to clearly indicate anything. It doesn’t even matter, because its simple actions look very interesting. The dial at that time probably impressed me the most, because its visual effects were both clear and complex. www.fanreviewwatch.com

Jacob & Co. launched the astronomical tourbillon tourbillon large diameter 18k rose gold case, the bezel and the watch mirror are made of a sapphire crystal. This allows you to fully appreciate the dial from all angles. Also note that there is no crown, which means it is either on the top of the watch or more likely on the back of the watch. According to the design, the mechanical movement itself occupies only a small part of the dial to enlarge the thickness of the case and feel that the four “planets” have a lot of space for movement. It is likely to be wound manually.

As a pure watchmaking craft, the astronomy tourbillon watch is undoubtedly a very interesting watch, its production cost and final retail price may be equally excellent. We like these things on aBlogtoWatch because it makes owning a simple clock more fun. We can look at the most basic “classic” watch and imagine that somewhere, someone may be wearing an astronomical tourbillon, and reading it at exactly the same hour of the day, but it is much more flooded.