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Hands-on Copper replica Oris Carl Brashear Caliber 401 Limited Edition Another bronze edition pays homage to the most famous American military heroes.

The connection between Oris and the Carl Brashear Foundation is not new. It all started in 2016, when the brand launched its first bronze watch, which also marked the beginning of a long-term partnership between the Swiss brand and the American foundation. This watch is based on the handsome Divers 65 nostalgic style model, which will draw design inspiration and will be found in two subsequent watches. The recently launched Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph 401 Limited Edition, the 2018 Oris Carl Brashear Chronograph and the watch we are going to discuss today.

Tribute to a man who never gives up
The story of Carl Brashear is about people who face adversity and overcome challenges despite shortcomings, racial prejudice, and disability. Indeed, he never gave up! Carl Brashear is most praised by the younger generation, thanks to the 2000 film “Honorary Man”, an American drama starring Robert De Niro and Cuban Gooding Jr. The film depicts the life of Blashal.

Brashear (1931-2006) was born in a farmer’s family in rural Kentucky. Poverty, without too many educational opportunities, he always wanted to live a different life for himself. Despite his limited formal education, he joined the U.S. Navy on February 25, 1948, and graduated from the U.S. Navy Diving and Salvage School in 1954. He became the first African-American to participate and graduate. An African-American diver studying here. The history of the U.S. Navy. Nevertheless, Brashear must face hostility and racism. But his career will result in him being assigned to escort Presidential Yacht Barbara Anne to Rhode Island. He met with President Eisenhower and received a pocket knife that read: “To Karl M. Blashal. Excerpt from Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1957. Thank you very much.” After he became chief in 1959, he Stayed in Guam for three years, mainly engaged in demolition diving work. Shopping replica watches

In January 1966, in an accident now known as the Palomares Incident, a B28 nuclear bomb was lost near the coast of Palomares, Spain. Brashear, who served on a U.S. Navy lifter, was sent to find and recover the missing bomb for the Air Force. During the bomb recovery operation on March 23, 1966, a wire used for towing was loosened, causing a tube to hit Brashear’s left leg below the knee, eventually amputation of his left calf.

“The Navy wanted to retire him because of his disability, but he stayed on active duty and became the first amputee diver to continue serving, an unprecedented feat at the time. He retired in 1979,” explained his son Phillip M. Brashear Say. Despite the “five obstacles” of his life, he never gave up. He overcame racism, poverty, illiteracy, and physical disability. Before retiring, he devoted himself to participating in naval alcoholism courses to help alcoholism. Today, he is one of America’s most famous military heroes. “

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Since 2015, Oris has partnered with the American non-profit organization Carl Brashear Foundation to expose the incredible life of Carl Brashear and continue his extraordinary legacy for future generations. “We have donated thousands of dollars to the Veterans Hospital in order to restore the lives of injured service personnel across the country,” said Blashal’s son, the chairman of the foundation. After the first watch was proposed twice in 2016 and 2018, this year Oris launched a third model dedicated to Karl Brashir and based on funding, a watch “will once again expose the hope and resilience of my father News, according to Philip M. Brashir”.

The new ORIS CARL BRASHEAR movement 401
Look at the third watch inspired by Brashear, there is no doubt its fusion. Of course, we are looking for a model that draws inspiration from the first two versions. Still based on Divers 65, still inspired by vintage diver watches, still made of bronze (a material that makes sense in this case), and still has a dark blue dial. However, there are many new things in the third Oris Carl Brashear, which are related to mechanics and proportions. And all this is the best.

First of all, there is no doubt that the case of this new Oris Carl Brashear is made of bronze, just like the two previous versions. As early as 2016, Oris chose this material for a simple reason. At that time, the trend of bronze watches had not really appeared on the market. Its connection with the world of divers reminds us of the materials used in the diving helmets Carl wore during his career as a US Navy diver. The reason why bronze was chosen is that it is a lively material, a natural material, when it reacts with external elements (such as oxygen, salt water, moisture, etc.), it will form a bronze color. Over time, it will show a unique surface effect, which will tell its story. Wearer. In this new version, the middle case is made of brushed bronze, the crown, bezel and its inserts are also made of the case, and has a 60-minute pitch scale. Bottom cover,

Compared with the other two versions, the size of the watch has changed. The first model is based on a larger version of the Divers 65 with a diameter of 42mm, the chronograph model is 43mm (a fairly high height to say the least), and the latest Oris Carl Brashear draws more on the retro style. A reasonable 40mm case is now available-initially debuted in the 65 series. This watch is protected by a super-dome sapphire crystal, which enhances the retro look, not only brings cool distortion, but also reflects a lot of light. Although the case and crown are tightened, the water resistance is still very low for diving watches, only 100 meters… This is still sufficient for most daily wear activities.

The dial of the Oris Carl Brashear 401 movement is once again a typical representative of this sub-series, and has an ocean-inspired blue. The dial surface is smooth, again bringing animation and reflection effects. The dial is dotted with golden hour markers-shaped like dots, rectangles and triangles, allowing you to quickly check the time in low light conditions. The hands are also golden and equipped with a lot of Super-LumiNova, whose cream color emphasizes the retro look. In order to bring us the greatest pleasure, Oris chose a dateless display and replaced it with a small second hand at 6 o’clock, with an arched depth rate word on it and a white hand. It is very easy to read the time in the dark due to its unique luminous characteristics.

The new Oris Carl Brashear comes with a new belt, which is a woven elastic nylon webbing produced by Erika’s Originals for moisture absorption and perspiration. Black, with a golden centerline, is extremely comfortable, strong and resistant to underwater activities. It complements the appearance of the watch and provides casual wear. The buckle and metal fittings are also made of brushed bronze.

Big news, caliber 401
A few months ago, Oris introduced the Calibre 400 movement. Although it is not the first movement conceived internally by the brand, please remember the 10-day power reserve calibre 110-this new engine is very important because it will become the brand’s new standard automatic movement. Powerful and modern, it is produced by a network of suppliers using the most advanced industrial technology according to Oris specifications. The accuracy of this automatic movement (-3 to +5 seconds per day), reliability (10-year warranty) and continuous development, because many displays or complex functions will be implemented in the next few years. It is powerful and well protected, because its dual barrel structure can provide 120h or 5 days of power reserve, and the escapement is equipped with silicon parts to counteract the magnetic force. In addition, it is also equipped with a newly developed pendulum based on a low-friction, sliding bearing system that only winds in one direction to reduce long-term wear.

The swiss Oris Carl Brashear 401 movement created a precedent for the first evolution of this movement, which replaced the central seconds and date with a small second at 6 o’clock. It is also gratifying that the brand is implementing this specialised core in small watches.

Technical specifications-ORIS CARL BRASHEAR movement 401 limited edition

Case: diameter 40 mm x height 11.9 mm-bronze case, brushed-one-way bronze bezel, bronze inserts with embossed 60-minute scale-screw-in bronze crown-steel case back-dome sapphire crystal- Waterproof 100m

Dial: Smooth dome navy blue dial

Applied hour markers and hands, gold, with cream Super-LumiNova
Movement: Oris calibre 401, manufactured movement-automatic movement with central rotor-24 jewels-28,800 vibrations per hour-120 hours of power reserve on two barrels-silicon parts-daily -3 / + 5 seconds-hours, minutes, small seconds (hacking)

Strap: Blue braided elastic nylon webbing with bronze buckle, co-produced with Erika’s Originals

Reference: 01401 7764 3185