HYT H1-the world’s first hybrid mechanical watch

HYT luxury is an innovative luxury watch brand in the Swiss watch industry. By establishing a perfect alliance relationship between the mechanical watch and the liquid in the watch, it has introduced a new concept in the field of high-end watches. This unique and unusual concept is inspired by the clepsydra or water clock used for timekeeping in ancient Egypt 3400 years ago.

This year, the brand launched the first watch of the series: the new H1 watch realizes a utopian dream, that is, the fine watch industry can be combined with fluid mechanics to provide exclusive timekeeping products.

This dream project was successfully completed by six partners who love the revolutionary development of the luxury watchmaking industry. By launching this model, HYT successfully overcomes gravity and uses liquid to indicate time in a mechanical watch for the first time since the invention of a water clock.

The idea that led to H1 is simple, it consists of two flexible reservoirs fixed at both ends of the capillary. One is an aqueous liquid filled with fluorescein, and the other is a transparent viscous liquid. To separate them: the repulsive force of the molecules in each liquid, with a meniscus to mark the boundary between the two.

The watch has two reservoirs at 06:00. When the first one compresses, the second one expands, and vice versa, causing the liquid to move in the capillary. With the passage of time, the fluorescent liquid continues to develop. The half-moon-shaped half-moon-shaped elbow marks the breaking point along with the other fluids in the test tube and indicates the time.

At 18:00, the fluorescent liquid returns to its original position and moves backward. The movement of the oil storage tank is controlled by two bellows made of high-strength, flexible electrodeposited alloy, and each bellows is driven by a piston. This is where the watchmaking industry starts to activate the system.

The HYT movement is a mechanical movement that activates the hydraulic system. It was jointly developed by Bruno Moutarlier and Jean-François Mojon and his Chronode SA team. This highly innovative mechanical movement is located on the upper part of the replica AAA watch and pushes the cam, which pushes the piston and activates the bellows.

The main challenge is to find the interface between the mechanical movement and the hydraulic system in a closed waterproof circuit-this task becomes more complicated due to the limited space to accommodate both. They must be assembled separately to maintain independence before they can operate at the same time. This is a very fine modular integration, which involves other restrictions, such as dividing the dial into two parts through the side for installation.

The fluid mechanics of this timepiece was developed by Preciflex, a patent registered company created by the founders of HYT-Patrick Berdoz, Lucien Vouillamoz and Emmanuel Savioz. Supporting Preciflex is Helbling Technik from the medical world, which uses fluid motion in some treatments.

The first step is to develop a fluid that meets the specifications of the watch. Color, homogeneous texture, resistance to vibration, shock and temperature changes, long-term unchanged, foolproof and waterproof. So far, some innovations in technical watches have made it possible. So far, seven patents have been registered for this technology, and one patent has been obtained for the design.

Fluid mechanics works under the action of hydraulic pressure. When the liquid loaded with fluorescein passes a full circle and reaches 06:00 – 18:00, the outlet pump will compress. Then, the bellows receiver expands, creating resistance and therefore increasing energy requirements. great cheap watch

To solve this problem, Preciflex has developed a revolutionary bellows, which is made of extremely fine alloys with high flexibility and durability. In fact, they are inspired by the sensors used by NASA, and their design must be adapted to watchmaking requirements. The specially researched shape reduces the energy required for compression, absorbs shocks and ensures rock-solid waterproof performance.

In the entire development process, in addition to engineering design, the amount of liquid is also the focus of attention. Every microliter is important, and the total volume in a closed circuit system is very accurate because the system must have water resistance comparable to nanotechnology. Due to the abnormal connection between the crown and the liquid, a special time setting system is designed to prevent the liquid from moving too fast and damaging the meniscus.

H1 was actively designed by Sébastien Perret and his team in the Etude de Style design company using a revolutionary construction method. The three-dimensional structure can be seen from the front or side or three-quarters, and is carved from a carved 5mm sapphire crystal, which itself is covered with a dome at 6 o’clock and imposes its own rules. Particles of fluorescein emerge from it, like sparks flying by from the past. The industrious piston and bellows converge towards it. The upper part of the watch is obviously unstructured, which determines the geometric design composed of strata and reliefs.replica HYT H1 watches

The minute adjuster is located in the center and is displayed superimposed with a spectacular small second hand that resembles a waterwheel. On 02.30, a 65-hour power reserve pointer indicates the remaining available energy on the three arcs of an arc. At the same time, fluid flows along the housing.

H1 has a diameter of 48.8 mm and a thickness of 17.9 mm. However, the timing device sits lightly and comfortably on the wrist. The notch on the case band visually expands the applied horological time scales, while the crown forms a dovetail shape at 02:30, and its sturdy crown guard pushes it towards the case.

technical details
Model: HYT H1
Titanium case, silver tone opaque dial
Black DLC coated titanium case, black dial
5N 18K rose gold case, black dial

Mechanically wound, exclusive HYT movement, 28,800 vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels, hand-chamfered and decorated with Geneva corrugated bridge, rhodium bellows, 65-hour power reserve

Counterclockwise oil hour, minute, second and power reserve indicator

HYT H1 Titanium
Case: diameter: 48.8 mm, thickness: 17.9 mm brushed, sandblasted and satin-finished surface; rubber-coated screw-in crown; titanium crown guard; screw-locked lugs; metal dome in 06 :00; curved sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare interior; screw-in sapphire back cover
Dial: unstructured, silver-toned milky white; smooth hours, luminous hands and hour markers; 12:00 regulator; small second at 09:30; power reserve indicator at 02:30
Strap: Hand-stitched leather-lined canvas, pin buckle

HYT H1 Titanium Black DLC
Case: black DLC titanium, satin-finished, 48.8 mm; thickness: 17.9 mm; rubber-coated screw-in crown; metal dome at 6 o’clock; domed sapphire crystal mirror with anti-reflection function , Screw-in sapphire back cover; waterproof to 100 m / 10 ATM
Dial: unstructured black working hours, luminous hour markers and hands 12 o’clock adjuster, small seconds at 9:30, power reserve indicator at 2:30
Strap: rubber, black DLC titanium buckle

HYT H1 black DLC and rose gold
Case: 18k rose gold and black DLC titanium alloy, with brushed finish, diameter 48.8 mm; thickness: 17.9 mm; rubber-coated screw-in crown; metal dome at 6 o’clock; curved sapphire crystal, interior Anti-reflective coating; screw-in sapphire back; waterproof to 100 m (10 ATM / 330 ft)
Dial: unstructured black luminous hours, hour markers and hands; 12 o’clock adjuster; small seconds wheel between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock; power reserve indicator between 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock
Strap: rubber, black DLC titanium buckle