Richard Mille RM 023 self-winding watch

The Internet has undergone tremendous changes in all aspects of the modern world, paving the way for the mysterious connection between the East and the modern West, and the connection between the north and south hemispheres. Then, people have more and more ambitions for new things now and in the future. In the watch industry replica Richard Mille, this young watch brand is perceiving and following its own trend, leading to the so-called “non-repeatable” timer, which is extremely “breakthrough” in terms of materials and design.

This young brand (with a history of 20 years until 2019) seems to have abandoned the entire traditional manufacturing concept and stood out with a design that shocked global admirers. In a short period of time, what Richard Mille can do is make expensive watches that are seen as a true symbol of wealth and success without relying on the support of sparkling gems, rare or excessive metal. Obviously, the most expensive watches in the world are always full of gems, such as Graff Diamonds Illusion or Graff Diamonds The Fascination. So, what makes Richard Mille so successful? Let’s browse some famous landmarks to learn some knowledge about Richard Mille brand.

Richard Mille launched the complex RM 001 tourbillon timepiece, equipped with a global limited edition watch. Or it is the first carbon fiber watch manufactured, which has opened up a series of ultra-light sports watches, such as the RM 027 by Rafael Nadal. In 2017, the RM 50-03 McLaren F1 movement was recognized as the lightest chronograph in the world. With tourbillon cage. Comes with a rubber strap, but this RM-03 model weighs only 40 grams.

Richard Mille RM 023 is a skeleton movement, which came out in 2009. The size of the watch is 45.00 mm x 37.80 mm x 11.45 mm, which many people think is two RMs. Mid-range size between 007 and RM 010. It is mentioned that the RM 023 gemstone is designed for women, so the size has also been adjusted. But according to my personal opinion, the platinum version of Vietnamese menswear currently purchased on Gia Bao Luxury is also very suitable, so I do not hesitate.

Richard Mille’s most famous feature is the barrel case. Although this case has been in production by many brands for a long time, to make it a current favorite, you must rely on the advantages of Richard Mille. Richard Mille is regarded by many as the benchmark for modern wine barrel watches. Although Richard Mille (swiss Richard Mille) has now begun to produce more rectangular and round cases, but the barrel case will always be the brand’s icon.

On the case of the RM 023, what we can see most clearly is every scratch on the surface of the bezel, up to the hidden edges. Just like an iceberg, we can only see a small part. To complete the shell of RM 023, 202 steps need to be completed to complete the frame, bottom and front panel. The total execution time for each case is 430 hours. After being assembled with transparent sapphire glass and 12 titanium screws, the RM 023 wine barrel case is waterproof at 50m.

The dial of the RM 023 is specially designed for men and women and should usually be described in personalized words. The dial is novel and elegant, with a few white symmetrical Roman hour markers. Obviously, even if the RM 023 has only three hands per calendar, fans should not expect Richard Mille’s simple or easy-to-view dial!

Richard Mille designed the main body, bridge and horses in the form of a titanium alloy skeleton, as well as many details to ensure its rigidity and flat surface standards. There is even an extra ring placed in the movement, which is fixed with four screws to ensure that any vibration or external force will not interfere with the movement. With the RM 023 design, Richard Mille is stronger than ever, thanks to the anti-theft wheel on the top, which is the exposed part of the dial. More or less, we can see some of the 32 jewels used by Richard Mille in the current replica RM 023 watch design.