Jacob & Co.’s Astronomy Mars Watch

Jacob & Co.’s Astronomy Mars Watch has a 288-step diamond moon and rotating planet This is a miracle in horology and engineering.

Jacob & Co. is known for making the most impressive timepieces in the world. However, recently, luxury watchmakers are really pushing boundaries with a variety of unique products. After just a few weeks of release, the watch has a mountain piece. The Everest company is launching a new timepiece with Mars and satellite orbits.

Astronomical Sky Sapphire Mars is the latest watch in the breakthrough Astronomical Sky series. As an engineering feat, this unique product line is the first watch in 2014 to use a multi-axis tourbillon (to date, the tourbillon is flat). The vertical spectacle is constantly in motion, keeping accurate time, and has a power reserve of 60 hours. Not surprisingly, it quickly became an idol on the clock.

Now, the Mars version adds a hand-painted red planet to replace the previous magnesium globe to commemorate the Perseverance Rover mission. An orbiting satellite has also been added to the celestial body. There is a titanium globe engraved with a hand-painted lacquer in the middle, which can be fully rotated within 24 hours. The built-in hemispherical sapphire crystal can display day and night, and the oval sky indicator can display the constellation overhead at any given time.

While the vibrant Mars is undoubtedly eye-catching, so is the Jacob-cut diamond moon opposite the Earth. The incredible work starts with larger rough diamonds. It is cleverly shaped into a moon with 288 independent facets, perfectly round and symmetrical, and weighs exactly the same as the other three satellites. This process requires at least two weeks of meticulous work. discount replica watches