NEW 2021 RICHARD MILLE RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne

Nice RICHARD MILLE Replica Watch RM 21-01 Tourbillon Aerodyne

Richard Mille‘s “Touri Wheel Aerodyne” has a bottom plate that can withstand the temperature of 995 ° C

Richard Mille has just launched a new case design, equipped with RM 21-01 Touring Aerodyne. Affected by the aviation world, this watch continues the brand in the watches with incredible wrists, and uses some of the most advanced materials and techniques.

RM 21-01 Typho Wheel Aerodyne See 5n red gold using 20 spline screws in the carbon TPT outer skeleton. This forms a bright precious metal with a caged technical material. The color continues to the bottom plate, you can find a PVD royal blue honeycomb structure made from Haynes 214. The engineering alloy is made of nickel, chromium, aluminum and iron, and can usually be found in the combustion chamber because it can withstand the temperature of 995 ° C – means that the bottom plate is stiff, with low thermal expansion, heat resistance level Torque.

Equipped with a gyonic wheel, RM 21-01 also saw the 5-stage titanium bridge, 11 o’clock power reserve indicator, a torque indicator of a point clock position, 4 o’clock function selector.

Richard Mille launched RM022 in 2010, plus the additional functionality of GATBILLON functionality GMT. Since then, it has been resended for limited editions of various markets and a variety of special materials.

RM022 is also known as “Aerodyne” gets its name from the use of aerospace materials. The bottom plate of “honeycomb” is cut out and is used as a special material called crystal aluminizing, which is used for its extremely powerful properties. Richard Mille is capable of combining Brechabs to combine structures with other metals because it is a unique performance that can be used on moving parts.

The fitting caliber RM022 is a manual winding group Gome-wheel movement, a transparent sapphire crystal disk hour, minute, and dual-time zone, when hanging above the light field located at 3 o’clock, it enters the view. It also hosted power reserves (70 hours) between 11 to 12 points, a torque indicator, a torque indicator displays the internal tension and function selector of the main spring to each of the windings, neutral, and manually set. The location is displayed. Shopping cheap watches