Breitlight Years Ling Endurance Pro

The new series is designed to provide lightweight best replica watches review for athletes and casual people. The goal is to serve as a daily motion counting table, combined with light, light sports watches and high-precision movements, and the case is still innovative materials (despite the introduction of 2013). This conference accompanied the Breitling endurance Pro Strava Challenge, which provides an opportunity for competition prizes.

This series provides five color selection in straps and accents on straps and crown. All housings are all in the same superquartz movement and are all encapsulated in the same BreitLight case.

Case, dial and pointer
The case is made of very light, very strong proprietary materials, called BreitLight®. The material has been used in cheap Breitling in 2013 and has emerged again after interruption. It is not carbon fiber, but a Breitlight years of Swiss manufacturing case materials, which uses a lightweight high-tech polymer and added composite fibers to increase strength and stiffness. The material is 3.3 times a titanium, 5.8 times more stainless steel, non-magnetic, thermal stability, and low allergens. Breitlight also is also known to have high resistance to scratch, traction and corrosion.

The material is lightly textured, is matte, no flash caused by any light reflection. As mentioned earlier, there are five colors to choose from, and each color has a black dial and a black bidirectional rotating lap, which is engraved with a compass bearing and a base point (N, S, E, W). Five variants are white, blue, yellow, orange and red. The color is shown in re-labeled and has a pulse scale.

Hethers and spins are coated with superluminova. Number 1, 2 (partial cutting), 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 (partial cutting) and 11 on the coating are very thick, protruding from the side, so that the Arabic number has a good shape. Numbers 3, 6, and 9 are large and are also removed. Some pureists may be frightened, but we don’t worry, and find that the dial design is very balanced, even a little busy. We ignore shooting, but notice Sulerluminova quite thick, we are confident that it will be bright. The pointer of the timing second hand is a red arrow. The small second pin is located in 6 positions of the pointer to white, while 1/10 seconds and 30 minutes chronographic tablet table is red. fake watches for sale

The crown uses the same color as the strap and the internal surface of the table, and provides a good grip force to manipulate the watch and set time. Time-tat tables can be run as expected and can be able to activate each chronological table function.

The watch is displayed on the Diver Pro rubber strap with the same color as the internal surface. The belt is fixed by BreitLight double pin buckle. You can also purchase a vibrant OuterknowNeconyl® yarn NATO strap.

The whole feels very light, but it is also very tough. The waterproof level of the case is 100 m. Everything works well with the expected use of a Breitlight years. Bright colors add a playful element. On the wrist, I feel very warm, and the textured surface gives people a sense of touch, very good. Since the dial is very busy, the readability of the dial is reduced, but due to the use of larger pointers and marker pen, the total time is at a glance at hours and minutes.

The core of Endurance Pro is to obtain COSC certified cents Calibre 82 movements, and SUPERQUARTZTM technology provides excellent precision.

As we know, this is a new movement that knows very little about this movement. The movement has passed COSC certification. According to the experience of thermal compensation super quartz movements in the past, we hope that it keeps the accuracy of no less than 15s per year. For example, a Breitlight years of spirit B55, which uses a Breitlight years of Caliber B55 (from eta thermoline derived), it is also a thermal compensation of superficial, and maintains the divergence of the time to no more than 15 seconds.

Competitive pattern
The use of innovation and proprietary materials like BreitLight makes it difficult. However, since BreitLight is a composite made of polyamide fibers, although it is not a real carbon fiber composite, it is indeed comparable compared to forging carbon fiber shells. We learned that this is not an apple to Apple, but we can’t provide some comparison, we have proposed the following possibilities.