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Take a high-tech technology tribute to the PANERAI Musnuo series Guillaume Néry special edition watch

Panerai is a brand that is closely linked to the ocean. Since the creation of the brand, the professional diving tool has been well known to the importance of ocean exploration. Last year 2020 patented patented night-optic materials, with a ruthenium-based self-optic product LUMINOR, 70 On the occasion of the anniversary, Panerai specially launched a series of very memorable pauses, like the red blues watch. On the occasion of the New Year in January 21, Panerai launched a new high-performance watch, the Mikino series watch, the special edition watch, which uses the brand ambassador, the free diving champion The creation is inspired to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the LUMINOR, the model PAM01122, and the watch home also captured this special edition watch.

The creation of this watch is inseparable from Guillaumen Néry, born in Nice in 1982, he is a professional free diver, and his achievements in the diving areas, it has become 20 years old. The youngest world record creator in the history of free diving, and then a total of four world records were settled in total, and they were two-to-end world free diving champion. In 2015, he tried to challenge the world record, dive to 129 meters, but due to the mistake of the host unit, the wrong record made him unexpectedly the amazing 139 meters deep, but unfortunately, the record failed to obtain the organizer official Confirm, but this depth is still recognized as the deepest dive distance in the history of free diving competition. In the 18th of the year, I invited the Panerai brand ambassador, and the Panerai officially concluded with the relationship. The brand also launched two special edition watch for him, which has the limited edition of 15 blue disks Submersible Chrono. Sneak series flying rebounded watch, the other brand ambassador Sun Yang often worn this watch in the official event, which is also the best thing I personally feel in the Submersible series. Then let’s take a new and double commemorative special edition watch.

This Panerai brand new work can be said to condense contemporary technology, fully reflecting the Panerai Creative Workshop Laboratorio Di Idee, how to use high-tech materials and advanced techniques. The watch case is used as a direct metal laser sinter (DMLS) technology, i.e., by 3D printing technique, the titanium powder is directly plasticized into a brand iconic pillow case, and the case size is 44 mm in diameter, 16.2 mm thick. The overall effect diffuses the unique gray metal gloss of titanium metal, and also exhibits fine sand blasting effect.

On the other side of the cheap men watch, there is a table crown bridge, which has a very high identification, which is born with the Luminor table in 1950, so naturally, the symbol of the Panerai. The bridge is surrounded around the crown, it can effectively allow the crown to abundance, so that it avoids the normal operation of the time. At the top special movement protector lock design, when the protective lock rod is in a closed position, protect the lock rod to form a table, so that good air tightness can be formed, preventing the water flow into the movement, and ensuring excellent waterproof performance. When the lock rod is opened, the crown can be used directly to adjust, and the crown is also available in a non-slip pothxia to better grasp. The overall waterproof performance of the watch is 300 meters.

The lap and the championship and the lock rod are coated with black rubber coating, black and titanium gray color matching, and the overall visual effect is quite excellent. Skiroscopes with stereo convex design.

The main color of the sandwatch also uses black and gray, presented from the outermost gradient to the black gradient, and the light and shadow when the sun is pouring into the deep sea. At the 3 o’clock position of the dial, there is a black bottom white version of the display window, and the 9 o’clock position is a small second.

The Arabic digital time standard and the scale and pointer are coated with white super-luminovatm luminous coatings, and the night light shows green, the above picture shows the watch night light real shot. 2021 new replica watches

The watch is designed with a cue, on the 12-sided screw-in DLC coated sandblasting titanium metal table back, engraved 70 years of quality policy, and Jiraim dive pattern and signature. The bottom cover is equipped with a P.9010 automatic upper chain mechanical movement under the bottom cover. The movement is only 6 mm, which is completely designed, developed by the Panerai Nar Tail Plant. The hourly vibration frequency is 28,800, assembled with two hair boxes, GluCydurTM balance balances and IncablocTM shockproof devices, and can provide 3 days of power storage at 3 days when chain.

There are two straps with a table, and a real shot is a black regenerative PET resin fabric strap, which is decorated with a white suture with a trapezoidal buckle, and the buckle is engraved with a PANERAI brand name. The other is a white rubber technology strap, and the night lightine panerai logo is printed first on the strap. In addition, the watch is also equipped with a screwdriver for disassembling the tape, and a table box made of regenerative plastic.

This Minsino series wristband is like a special version, as in the beginning, it is a very commemorative special edition watch, and the biggest bright spot design is the innovative technology system. Table skills, the appearance of the shell made, this 3D printing technology case design and self-production movement performance performance is very bright. Panerai Replica tribute to the 70th anniversary of Luminor in the world of brand ambassadors, this watch should also be a 70th anniversary. The same is the special edition watch of Jiraim, although I personally think that the gradient blue disk is more beautiful, but I also think that this watch is more highly highlighted by innovative technology. The textual texture, a bright and bright and complex feature, one seems to be simple but passed more attention to wrist watch color through technology technology.