IWC’s next explosion model?

Refer to IWC, the most recommended purchase is nothing more than the proportion IW371446, Portugue 7 IW500107, Bai Taofino IW356501, Pilot IW377714, Mark 18 IW327001.

In 2020, Wan Guo launched a new work of the Portuguese series. Recently we got the real thing, observed some, I feel that it has the opportunity to become the next IWC explosion!

It is IW358304.

IWC Portuguese Forms can be traced back to 1939, and it is a series of series in 1993 for more than half a century. Imitation of the new generation of antique portuguese, all the country has been producing, but they have more or less shortcomings.

The first deficiencies is that the size is large. Of course, the Portuguese series is based on a binometer, and “big” is also a historical gene, which is basically 42 mm +, and even have a version of 44 mm.

The second shortcomings, in order to cater to the mass market, increase the calendar display. The characteristic of the Portuguese basic model is simple and clean. If you open a window at 3 o’clock, you will undoubtedly destroy your dial symmetry. Later IWC, I learned to be smart, moved to 6 o’clock in some limited editions, and the window made a small size round, and the calendar disc of the same color is customized, and the suddenness is minimized.

The third shortcomings are the movement.

IWC fake Portugal’s simple movements mainly have two, one is the old Jones Jones manual upper chain mechanical movement, one is the new 8-day long motivation.

The old track line structure is beautiful, and the power storage time is short, only 46 hours, is eliminated. However, the country is actually replaced producing an unparalleled 8-day long motivation, MINI small swing + super-large-haired design, so that the beauty of the movement is unfair, and there is a common known as “big cake”. And the manual long power movement is a very embarrassing existence, because in the absence of a constant force structure, there is a significant fluctuation, and the practicality is not strong.

The emergence of IW358304 is resolved in three deficiencies.

First, the case has a diameter of 40.4 mm, not very small, and it is very suitable for Asian everyday wear. Dressing occasions can also be half-shirts in the box.

Second, the dial is simple and practiced, continues the Portuguese classic Arabic Digital Baked blue-made pointers + small seconds of three-dimensional records showed the details process.

Finally, it is also a focus on IWC new self-produced automatic upper chain mechanical movement CAL.82200.

It is very convenient to use the watch that is very easy to use to use the watch.

Many of the IWC movements are ETA, SW, which gradually began to replace it in the basic model. Although it is not a self-producing movement, it is undoubtedly more appropriate and advanced for the positioning of IWC’s brand.

And this CAL.82200 is still very good. online men watches

There is no cardime weight balance, in order to avoid severe vibration, the swing box when impact, the balance sheet also specially designed two small wings.

With IWC’s most iconic “Woodpecker” automatic upper chain structure, whether the automatic gratia rotation rotates, it can be converted into capabilities. Woodpecker components are made of special ceramics, low friction + high hardness, unlike old metal copper, long-term use will produce debris.

A single hairpin can store energy for up to 60 hours, although not a double-bob cartridge design, but 60-hour single box is also a very balanced configuration. Together with the automatic upper chain design, you can guarantee the convenience of precision + use.

And, it is very important to this CAL.82200 is a moving movement with complete production of 10,000 countries.

High value, medium, self-produced, automatic upper chain mechanical movement, vectral bottom cover, folding buckle, configuration practical. And except for the IW358304 of the white surface of the blue needle, there is a white bread metal needle IW358303, the blue-sided silver needle IW358305 is optional.

Now IWC has launched IW358304, which is undoubtedly a great choice, there is a chance to become the next explosion of the brand!