HYT H1 Watch

HYT H1 Watch – Factory Access and Practice

So when you may know that I am a big fanner, when it comes to modern watch and alternative time telling the method, I am absolutely unable to write an article about one of my favorite modern brands. This brand is known today as one of the most innovative observation companies, he really continues to drive the boundaries of time. I am going to tell you something about the watch maker on the hydraulic hair machine, or you can give you some tour guide in the factory.

As a whole, the HYT project started an idea. After 11 years in 2002, it is a concept of a crazy (then) of a crazy (then) to create a liquid watch that will use water to display the time. Of course, I haven’t understood this at that time, because no one has long lasting, “there is” “If you know what I mean). After a while, Lucie decided to change his concept, not a water meter, not a water meter, he is now looking at the idea of ​​2 reservoirs and two liquids, and he spends more than 1 year research and development, he finally put forward His research and development prototype, that is, he quickly protects and uses the technology to work with the CEO of existing HYT, Vincent Perriard, and he shared Lucien’s vision about liquid time. Finally, with the ‘ETUDE DE style’ laboratory design watches, Lucien Vouillamoz supplies liquids and techniques behind liquids and techniques – Francova Mo Jien created the mechanical movement of the first watch – Hyt H1.

Since replica HYT H1 has been created, the watch has been changed in the material used for the casing. Today we have the full range of HYT H1 models from titanium, to Black-DLC or pink gold (even bronze). However, all watches share one thing together – that is, the way the display time is displayed, and the movement is displayed.

So before I entered liquid work and how the watch is made, I want to talk about myself. Starting from Hy H1, liquid (flowing around the watch, flowing from 7 to 5 o’clock) for a few hours. As the liquid reached 6 o’clock, it reversed back in a minute and then counted again for 6 hours. At the same time, in the unit dial at 12 o’clock in minutes, the more traditional time display is displayed; and the second forming is shaped into a turbine or a stylish gear at 10 o’clock. What is the power reserve indicator between 1 and 2 points 65 hours (actually a little).

Now how big is the problem, how do your watch work? Well, first of all, the combination of liquids and mechanics is not easy, this science involves this term, such as hot and shape. But even so, I will try my best to break it and make the concept understandable as much as possible. As I mentioned, not only has a liquid. The reason is that time can be retrograde (the first liquid is pushed by the second liquid). The first problem and R & D task here is to find two liquids that do not merge when mixing, and still have bright green … and the two liquids must resist water, impact, temperature changes and vibration.

Once the work has completed another question: How to store liquid when pushing, and how to push it back? HYT has developed a system with Preciflex that uses bellows (2 small cans) to any alloy that may affect its function. 1:1 Quality Replica wathes

Of course, when the process is completed, the test required for liquid movement (and machinery) should experience all of the bad potential conditions of the watch. Although some people say that temperature affects the watch, as long as you wear it, it is not true. I have tested it in Geneva and will bring me to Moscow (this is very cold). I suspect that I am willing to invest such a work, or choose more traditional watch brands, will only leave his watch on the snow, walk?

Now, you are more familiar with the brands and technology behind it, I can tell you some other models. HYT H1 ends not only in different housing materials, because the design of the watch is proved to be a very successful creator decided to add new “taste” by changing the color of the liquid from green to red. If you think it is easy, then! Even minimal differences in the original mixture may also cause interference in the liquid, so the R & D department must speed up and find a new red liquid to fit the watch.

Another cool invention is 2 new watches in the H1 line – azo and graphite projects, made of polyfluoridine, very light, cool mix (especially green Olyso).

This year, the next challenge is to show us something better than HYT H1, which is a new watch that can stand by himself, while still displaying from liquid time. Try to design and produce completely different watches with famous AprP Factory (AudeMars Piguet Renaud PAPI)! What’s the difference?

Ok, in addition to the obvious appearance change, you can now see the mechanical movement on the front side of the watch. The bellows now also take a new shape to form in ‘V’ of the car. Another racing element on the watch is now you can see the crown in 3 o’clock, with a very cool “gear bar” hand. At 9 o’clock, you have another hand, now show you the best temperature of your watch. The splitter now has now fled the small plate and completely.

In addition to these changes, the work of the watch is quite similar to the first model, I really look forward to seeing fake HYT in Basteld’s next year! Thank you for reading your post, I hope you can better understand the ‘liquid on “now?