Richard Mille 50-03 McLaren F1

The new best Richard Mille masterpiece cooperates with the famous McLaren formula 1 constructor, and has achieved excellent records with the lightest mechanical timer.

Combining the gyro with the divided timer, RM 50-03 McLene F1 is less than 40 grams, including a new belt.

This amazing result has been achieved by using cutting-edge technology materials. This design contains not only titanium and carbon TPT, but also introduces a completely new material into a tabular world: TPT, more common graphene.

The new application of these materials was established in 2015 in 2015 by 2015. This is where graphene is separated from geographic professor of physics and astronomical college, returning in 2004. For this discovery, in 2010, he was awarded the Nobel Physics Award, as well as his colleague, Professor Konstantin Novoselov.

Due to the cooperation of Manchester University, McLaren Application Technology and Long-term Partner Northern Slimming Technology (NTPT), Richard Mille has successfully produced the physical properties of carbon TPT, and the physical nature of carbon TPT is significantly improved. The revolutionary nanomaterials are six times more, more than 200 times.

It is noted that the surface of its surface, the undulating crystals, carbon TPT consists of parallel filaments – 600 layers, with a maximum thickness of 30 microns. They impregnated with super charges containing graphene, and then assembled by CNC, the CNC machine transfer the orientation of the fibers to 45 ° between the layers.

The composite material is then solidified by heating it to 120 ° C, at a pressure of 6 bar. Many of the controls and verification tests in McLAREN application technology have enabled development of solutions that lead to production of Chart TPT, which is a material used by Richard Miller in the field of tomography.

Ultra light may not describe 7 grams of exercise – yes, not missed: only seven grams! The tempura of its feathers is to use 5-stage titanium and carbon TPT for the bottom plate and the bridge, and in the extreme skeleton of the part. Each hour is 21,600 vibrations, providing a 70-hour power reserve.

Drawing, polished, satin and soft polishing surfaces are created by hand-created.

Lateral cage, carbide and carbon produced by McLaren TPT – wishbone suspension structure of inspired Honda Formula 1 cars, attached to the casing point, and supports the entire RM50-03 diameter.

By eliminating the ferrule ring, this unusual architecture enables perfect cooperation between motion and housings. Use these technical solutions to provide huge complex caliber Resistance characteristics. In fact, the sleeve has been loaded with 5,000 grams of shock loading in perfect Richard Mille.

In order not to fail, the combination of speed offset of the gyrpen in a single mechanism requires perfect energy transfer. Subsequently reduced friction results in how to improve the analysis of teeth on the barrel and gear system, resulting in perfect balanced torque and optimized yield.

By indicating a color indicator of the 70-hour energy reserve and torque sensor, the quality of the performance and energy can be easily read.

The hollow drive of the chronograph table represents the intake pipe on Honda car, and the shape of the crown is prompting from the British team.

The new second mechanism design and extensive study of the work of splitting seconds are allowed to reduce the energy consumption of the timer to consume 50%, while restoring the trembling friction.

Although the previous Richard Mille Chronographs traditionally has 8 column wheels, a column of equipped RM 50-03 now has only 6 columns to ensure optimization, and maximum function lock and greater adjustment durability.

This situation (44.50 mm x 49.65 mm x 16.10 mm) is waterproof to 50 meters / 165 feet, and assembled with 20 titanium alloy screws, allowing better control to apply to the torque of the screw during assembly, so that it is not physically The impact of manipulation. During assembly or removal.

Graphite is also integrated into the RM 50-03 rubber band to increase its elasticity and wear resistance.

Richard Mille RM 50-03 McLAREN F1 will be produced in 75 numbered limited editions and can only be available in Richard Mille Bouriques.