Tag Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300, 20121

Last April, label luxury launched a new generation of aquarium diving watch collection. After providing all eight new references here, we are now very happy to share with the impression and picture of the aquarium professional 300 in stainless steel, which is the model we have to wear and test a few days. In particular, for our practice comments, we used the steel version with blue dials and baffles (reference. WBP201b.ba063).

The new aquarium professional 300 is a powerful diving watch that can be worn through its exquisite appearance. This brand does not accidentally define its “one to go to any local luxury tool watch”.

This clock is provided with water resistance to 300 m / 1000 feet, 43 mm stainless steel housing, is a single-network 12-side single-way rotating baffle, which integrates a scratch-resistant blue ceramic insert and aa 60 minutes size. To measure the elapsed diving time.

Compared with the previous generation, the new aquarium is slim (12.20 mm and 12.55 mm), shorter, more in line with ergonomic lugs, thereby improving wear resistance.

The satin brushed and polished surface alternately highlights the line of the housing. Folding cloth exquisitely grabbed the light to add attractive to the group. Tag Heuer replica watches

This is the design element introduced in 1995, which allows the aquarium professional 300 to immediately identify, and the baffle is also very easy to grasp and rotate. Since the 60 accurate click and a pleasant sound, the counterclockwise rotation is very smooth.

12 Side Threads have been protected by two guards, a detail, can enhance the look of the watch while making it even struggled.

Blue SunRay brushed dial with horizontal engraving sticks is protected by sapphire crystals and can integrate date magnifying glass at 6 o’clock. Unlike other date amplifiers, it is integrated into the lower side of the crystal, so that the outer surface is smooth to the touch. A smart method provides additional benefits to the date read from a broader angle.

Due to a large number of hands and hours, eight have an octagonal shape of octagonal shape, the readability is really excellent, which is a clear reference to the outline of the border. Tag Heuer Aquaracer replica

At first glance, the hand is recognized, because the hand is wider, and the smaller sword is compared to a narrower minute. Moreover, the hour hand uses green super sublimation (such as hours mark), while a few minutes, second hand and bright triangle baffles shine blue.

The guards decorated with Sko Yue diving kits, in 2004, in 2004, in the watercolor case, it reinterprets the prototypes.

The watercolor professional 300 is completed by integration and cone metal bracelets, equipped with two security buttons and extended or decreasing 1.5 cm long, which is a useful feature, not only for serious diver because of it Helps always wear a watch in the ideal comfort.

The preferred movement, the label luxury caliber 5, ensures reliable precision. Taking 4 Hz frequency (28,800 vibrations per hour), this automatic winding machine movement guarantees 38 hours of autonomy. replica watches review