Porsche Design 1919

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Porsche Design In 1919, the reporter fought in the blue and leather Porsche Design In 1919, Chronotimer Anti-Straight Blue and Leather were placed in a titanium box and provided a flyback hopper and a cork certified. In addition, the watch is a style of style, conceived the brand’s Austrian design studio.

Deluxe Mosaic, Porsche, has been determined by the decision of the model, performance and improvement of the company’s car. In 1972, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and established Porsche design. Herr Porsche resigned, Stuttgart car brand resigned in Stuttgart’s car brand, applied his considerable design capabilities to other product categories.

Two years later, Ferdinand returned to Zell, I saw a place for the child to spend time as the child in Austria. At the same time, the company also moved to the town of Austrian, now it operates from the state of the art design studio.

Over the years, Porsche design has conceived a series of luxurious products, and each product gives unparalleled styles. Fashion, glasses, bags and luggage are just captured some of the aesthetic temptation of iconic 911, reflecting the field of view of FerDinand Alexander Porsche.

One of the early product categories attracts FerDinand’s attention is a watch. Over the years, the company has been known for its timer, each is known, and everyone is satisfactory is a delicate detail. The watch is designed in the company’s Zell Am See Studios, but manufactured in the home of Swiss mechanical tab.

Now, Austrian company has launched a new model, you can raise Higno, Oh, Gurto, and Design AfICIDOS, Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer anti-styled blue and leather.

Brand Press Release (April 2020)

Two years ago, Porsche design launched the 1919 timer anti-stretch brown and leather, which is a genuine manufacturer chronograph, which sets new standards in the luxury watches. Equipped with check functions, with timer authentication accuracy, Porsche Design Sports WERK 01.200 represents the most advanced. In addition to innovative internal work, the watch, like its legendary example, Porsche 911, unit completely designed, comprehensive design, with expressive exercise appearance. Now, Porsche design initiated this chronological table in the new version, with a combination of bold. The dials and straps are made of Porsche internal leather, which exudes subtle blue tones.

Charming shape

Porsche 911 is a trollege icon for decades. Since the launch of 1963, the sports car has always been synonymous with the perfect combination of design and performance. The success of the sports car icon is surprising. Its designer, Ferdinan and Alexander Porsche, always focus on the form and function, so that the legendary minimalism is a natural consequence. “Design must be honest,” emphasizes the founder of Porsche Design Company. This motion is also suitable for Porsche design, transforming the DNA code of the sports car into a watch design. 1919 Chronotimer anti-transistive blue and leather continued the company’s first timepiece, which is the first timer from Professor Fa Porsche in 1972. Large-scale, high-to-miscuts are readily read, so the attention is automatically oriented as the point, namely time display and measurement. Clean arabic figures and bold tags combined with super Luminova strongly use the readability and nighttime under difficult lighting conditions. Seven times and hard coatings, sapphire crystals prevent all light reflections, thereby ensuring always optimal readability.

Lightweight and powerful

The 1919 series of all time meters – including 1919 Time Anti-excitement – completely made of titanium. Despite the low weight, this high-tech material is very elastic and resistant to high-tech materials from motorcycle world. Has the same volume, it is more than 46% more stainless steel, but also significantly, also has obvious and non-magnetic, anti-allergic, and brine and heat resistance. Therefore, Titan offers unparalleled comfort and comfort on your wrist. In maintaining the principle of light construction, the case is technically designed to be thin. The signature of the 1919 series is the feature opening on the lug and its shape transition in the bracelet. These features not only eliminate the designs related to classic corners – through the connection of the spring bar – but also provides a unique brightness for the collection of pure beauty. These owners can truly feel the connection of sports cars on his wrist: The strap is made of original Porsche interior calf.

Maximum performance

1919 Chronotimer anti-stool blue and leather provide power by WERK 01.200. The chronological code table Caliber provides a flyback mechanism that allows continuous intervals on the track, such as the number of turns on the track. It uses a single process to start, stop and reset. The automatic movement is declining at 4 Hz, which represents the climax of engineering and tabulation and its vehicle manufacturing expertise. The bridge is load / stress optimization. The special architecture allows the charming mechanism of the anti-exchanging function to be returned by the sapphire crystal box and further proves the implementation of lightweight principles. Like the representative of Porsche, the movement is black. Its energy optimized rotor with a signature carved PD-ICON is a PVD coating and partially made of tungsten. It is very difficult to handle, which provides the necessary weight to ensure high powerful windings. WERK 01.200 also assumed the certificate of Switzerland c.os.c. The agency verifies the accuracy of its performance.