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Chopard adds a check timer to its Alpine Eagle watch collection

Chopard has added six new references to the alpine collection of round sports watches of a comprehensive bracelet. All watches are powered by COSC-certified internal motion, and have boxes and bracelets made of Chopard’s new high-tech steel alloy or moral 18K gold. This release includes the first time you come back to timecase table, new large case size and new color dial.

The natural inspiration watch is collected a year ago, almost on this day. It represents three generations of Scheufeele families with Swiss luxury brands since 1963. The Alpine Eagle Collection is the modern reinterprets of St. Moritz watches. This is a young KARL-FRIEDRICH Scheufeele in the 1970s creation. Who is the company’s common president with his sister caroline scheufele. The new clock is a homework watch with a leisure steel watch and a steel bracelet that can be worn all day. It is the most popular international trend of AfICISADOS, which represents the overwhelming trend of leisure luxury goods.

All watches of the series include Chopard in-house Moviments, certified by Control, Sustgns (COSC), the Institute is the official Swiss Electronic Measurement Research Institute, which is responsible for certifying the accuracy of the Swiss watch and Accuracy.

Karl-Friedrich’s son Karl-Fritz proposed a sports watch of a Destontined St. Moritz’s integrated steel bracelet. At first he was difficult to convince his father to pursue this product. However, Carlffritz is also close to his grandfather, Carl Shifmel II, (Chopard’s former leader now retired), and gain more favorable response. The lobby between his son and his father, Raffridrich relies and approves the project.

“We have never designed waterproof watches, we have never produced steel bracelets,” said the new model of Calfritz during September in September. “I have to do a lot of convincing for our father, let us do this. I completely believe that the time is correct, 40,000, I can say this is a huge success.”

At the same zoom conference, Karl-Friedrich explained that although the Alpine Hawk has a “beautiful design”, it needs to be “more content” through technological innovation before it enters the market. This innovation is Lucent Iron and Steel A223, which is comparable to the surgery steel. The new alloy is low allergens, 50% wear resistant than conventional steel, composed of 70% recycled steel. This is the result of four years of research and development. Replica Cheap

The Alpine Eagle name and its appearance are designed to reflect the enthusiasm of the Swiss part of the Alps, where the Swiss part of the Alps is the power and majesty of the wild eagle in the region. The rocky texture dial, the Senburst mode with deep tones and signs of luminescence is inspirated by the eagle’s iris. The watch hand is intended to represent the feathers of the bird. Metal design with mild texture is used to copy glaciers. The spiral crown is engraved with a compass, and it is displayed in the main direction of printing on a map or chart. In this case, it is used as a sign of Eagle to select the correct direction. In addition, the watch can be fixed by its baffle, with eight pairs of index screws. The watch is a waterproof of 100 meters.

Alpine Eagle XL Chrono
This is the first anti-excited time code table of the collection, which is also a collection of new features in an additional 44 mm housing. It has three versions: Luo Xun Steel A223, with a brass dial, whether it is “Aletsch Blue” or “asphalt black;” and in Luo Xun Steel A223 and morally collected and produced 18K rose gold combination, Spacted black dial.

KARL-FRIEDRICH said that the stadium black dial is a new color in the collection, which is inspired by the strong black of the mountain night. Aletsch Blue Foil Switzerland Glacier.wholesale watch

“I think the chronograph is one of the more useful complications, as well as one of the most difficult developments,” Calverdrich said. “This challenge to design is more like a Touri Wheel, which is a very popular complication for sports men. They want to have multiple functions on their wrists.”

The chronograph function on the dial is 3 o’clock in 30 minutes of counter, 9 hours counter, at 6 o’clock, 6 o’clock counter. The date window is located between 4 and 5 o’clock. The dynamic balanced dynamic balance scale of the red 100, 160 and 240 is located on the inner baffle ring, divided into four steps, each different interval of 5, 10, 20 km / h. Xiao Bang said that this arrangement provides a method of easier reading average speed measurement.

The watch is powered by COSC-certified automatic motorization of WOSC, with 60 hours of power reserves in Chopard 03.05-C. The column wheel timer movement is characterized by a one-way transmission system, as well as the balanced wheel of Western “Variner” (intended “variable inertia”) balanced circle, which stabilizes the live rate watch in the life of the whole inertia.

Alpine eagle
The original two original alpine eagle references have been updated and have been updated with a bracelet that is completely made of 18K rose gold produced by moral procurement and production.

The first version of the 41 mm wat is a textured Aletsch blue dial, while the second movement A “Bernina Gray” dial (Bernina Mountain series between Switzerland and Italy) is made of diamond set baffle.

The watch is powered by COSC certified Chocard 01.01-C, automatic movement, electric reserves for 60 hours.

High mountain eagle
This collection also includes 36 mm of men and women. The latest version of this piece is completely made of Langxun Steel A223, where diamond set baffle frame frame frame frame. fashion watches