Graham Time Fighter Oversized

Of all the watches I own and own, my Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT is the watch that has received the most attention and comment. Why?

First of all, even in the current fashion of oversized watches, it is a large timepiece. With a diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 16 mm, you know that you always wear this heavy watch. Then there is the wonderful burnt orange used in several elements. When we came to them, there was more of it. Orange is one of my favorite colors. This is also very common in modern watch designs, especially diving watches, because it is still clearly distinguishable under low-light conditions (ie, underwater).

But, of course, the main reason this watch attracts attention is the unique design of the thumb-operated chronograph start/stop button. This is not only a useful feature, because the thumb is stronger than the fingers and reacts faster (obviously), but by designing it to include a lever mechanism that reduces the effort required to press the start/stop button located in the middle of the crown on the left .

This mechanism was originally designed for World War II pilots. The cockpit of a jet fighter is a ventilated and cold place during flight. The pilots were distributed gloves to prevent the most vulnerable body part: frostbite of the fingers. This means that it is almost impossible to operate an ordinary chronograph with two small buttons on either side of the crown. Having a chronograph that can be started and stopped with your thumb is the answer. Replica watches for sale

Of course, this has nothing to do with me. However, I still like the unique appearance of this design, and I also really like the tactile difference of this trigger mechanism on all other chronograph buttons. The design of the reset button is more standard. However, some people think that the startup speed and accuracy of this function are not that important.

This does lead to unconventional designs. Like everything, the appearance of this unique watch is subjective. I have someone told me they don’t like it. I have also been told that they like these looks. This is great for me. When I wear my own watch, I will not go out to satisfy the desires of others. I actually found that this makes Chronofighter GMT more likable because it emphasizes bold and bold design. You can’t always please everyone.

Whether you like it or hate its aesthetics, no one can deny the quality of the fit and finish used in this high-end watch. You will feel Graham devoted a lot of attention to small details and obvious details, so they have a high-end package to house one of their proprietary internal movements.

The case is polished to a mirror surface from start to finish. The pull rod putter is satin-finished and has grooves to help grip. As I mentioned before, this provides a wonderful tactile experience. GRAHAM replica watches

The bezel is divided into two to highlight the day and night difference of GMT function. This uses the beautiful sun-scorched orange mentioned above during the day. The use of sapphire glass further enhances this dazzling bezel. It can easily become the second element that attracts the eye after the lever pusher and gives the watch a very high-end aesthetic.

The back of the watch is beautifully designed, engraved with the “British Watchmaker” logo and the serial number of this watch. No. 26: It is indeed a low output. The super design of the lever pusher continues to the dial and hands. The dial has a smooth black, almost painted, outer ring and a center circle composed of finely arranged concentric circles. This gives the illusion that the light plays on the dial, creating a wonderful satin/gloss contrast. The hands are large, exquisitely designed, sword-shaped, and coated with a lot of luminous materials. In fact, this watch has one of the brightest luminous lights I have ever seen. It is usually very bright and can be seen even during the day.

The chronograph is a simple 30-minute event. This may be my only negative view of Chronofighter GMT. I want most of the timing (football intermission, boiled eggs, NASCAR/motorcycle lap time, etc.) to last less than 30 minutes. However, there are times when I want to count a longer time (parking meter duration, etc.). However, this is a minor negative effect, because I have to stop being lazy and relying on this feature so much, and in these cases just check the time and start the chronograph. This double compact layout does allow the sub-dial to become larger. Run through the theme of the entire timepiece. GRAHAM CHRONOFIGHTER OVERSIZE

The internal movement also contains a large date display (this is the only correct complication) and 24-hour Greenwich Mean Time hands. The big date display blends perfectly with other bold design elements. In fact, I think the smaller single-window date display does not look appropriate. The GMT function is very useful, I especially like the hollow hand design, with the same sun burnt orange tip and lots of Luminova.

The strap is made of rubber, which is the only choice for Chronofighter GMT. Even so, this watch is well-made and actually makes the watch very comfortable, although its size and volume are too large, and my size and volume are not big enough. For reference, I have a 6.5 wrist. I also think that using rubber straps instead of metal bracelets emphasizes other design elements. The buckle is again carefully designed and beautifully designed, almost as big as my belt buckle.

Other details include a 42-hour power reserve and 100-meter water resistance. Chronofighter GMT also has the same stunning British racing green. Various other models are available in two colors of stainless steel, red gold and pure red gold.

Summary: I like this watch. As you can ascertain from my humble collection, I like extraordinary. I like that my timepiece offers something unique. Chronofighter provides a wealth of functions. I often find myself just admiring it. Often find a unique perspective. But at the same time, it is also a powerful and practical timepiece with a variety of functional options and a solid, waterproof appearance.