Graham luxury Watch

Graham fake watches are fierce, dreamy and charming, jumping out of the box of traditional watchmaking and surpassing it in an unprecedented way. The independent watch manufacturer was inspired by a rich history dating back to 1695, when the watch industry was still in its infancy. George Graham is an English watchmaker, inventor, and geophysicist who pays tribute to the brand under his name. This gentleman is known for designing many extraordinary instruments during his career. One of the valuable technologies is the 28-day case regulator with a non-bounce escapement released in 1745.

The innovation and attention to detail adopted by George Graham in each of his inventions also apply to every Graham watch you see today. Graham watches still represent their British heritage, with exquisite Swiss-made movements, and many of its watch components are manufactured in its own production facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the world’s watchmaking capital. The Chronofighter watch collection in Graham is the most classic design of all of them, known for the statement bar on the left when inspired by pilots wearing watches during World War II. Flying officers usually attach a stopwatch to their bomber jacket, and the lever on the left allows the pilot to easily measure time with one hand.

Graham Swordfish Watch
The Graham Swordfish watch is a truly unorthodox chronograph whose aesthetics are inspired by migratory predators wandering in the ocean. Its unconventional design is suppressed by two 20% magnifying glasses on the hour and minute hands, which stare at the wearer like a pair of staring eyes, and the gorgeous textured strap immediately reminds us of the scales on the swordfish. The Swiss watchmaker also recently released a new Graham Swordfish Lovelife watch. This watch is designed to pay tribute to the Lovelife project and is designed to take care of people with cancer, autism, Down’s syndrome and other diseases. Vulnerable children and their families.

Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage watch
The Graham Chronofighter Grand Vintage watch series is inspired by the history of military aviation in the 1940s, with the brand’s famous Chronofighter aesthetics and some retro elements. The 47mm case is paired with a larger date window and an amazing range of straps, from calfskin to sporty rubber. These proud statement instruments are time capsules that connect yesterday and today, and provide all of us modern watch wearers with a glimpse of history.

Graham Chronofighter Vintage Watch
The Graham Chronofighter Vintage watch shows the same vintage style as the Grand Vintage series, with a slightly smaller size and a case of 44 mm. These amazing pilot instruments are still overcome by the levers and crown on the left, but put on the wrist for those looking for something more subtle. We also like the Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT watch, which is equipped with a large arrow-shaped GMT pointer and a 24-hour scale ceramic bezel, which prepares a second time zone for all avid travelers.

Graham Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art watch
For retro lovers, the Graham Chronofighter Vintage Nose Art collection is the perfect destination for the charming girl on the dial. Each of these lovely ladies has their own name. They become the mascots of chronographs and take us back to the Second World War. Nose art often appears on aircraft fuselages. Each Graham Chronofighter Nose Art watch is in limited edition, so there is no need to wait for a date with Lilly, Sally, Chloe or Belle!