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Why do diving watch fans love wave ghosts? Five reasons to buy Longines HydroConquest The diving watch is a battleground for all major brands. The variety of styles and models confirms the preference of watch fans, which is the trend of the market; relatively, it can still remain in the heart of watch fans under the fierce competition of a hundred schools of thought. Impressing, even the style with a unique nickname, is definitely a guarantee of popularity. Longines’ Deep Sea Conqueror series HydroConquest is nicknamed “Longines” by watch fans, that is, “Longines Water Ghost”. It is the brand’s long-selling popularity king, and even when watch friends mention entry diving watches, they will definitely push the pit. Series.

What kind of unique charm does “Langgui” have that makes watch fans love it? Why can it still maintain high popularity under the auspices of competing products? In 2021, “Langgui” will launch a new PVD half-gold two-color new style with a variety of face plate colors, which is more eye-catching and suitable for wear. The charm of the Langgui will continue to burn.

The Longines Deep Sea Conqueror series HydroConquest launched a new PVD semi-gold two-tone new this year, with a variety of dial color matching, more eye-catching.

Buying a watch and picking a watch are sometimes like meeting people in person. The first impression is right, and goodwill is a plus. Everything is easy to talk about. The first time I saw the HydroConquest series of Deep Sea Conquest, the insiders must know that this is a “pair” style. The reason is not how advanced the knowledge is, but it makes people see clearly and pleasing to the eye. One-way rotating bezel, large luminous hands, bold luminous hour markers… these essential elements of diving watches are all very presentable designs. How to coordinate and match each other on a small watch is Longines’s Skill.

HydroConquest’s time scales all have a luminous effect. 6, 9 and 12 are Arabic numerals, and the others are round time scales. The conspicuous bold numbers and slender minute scales make the relationship between master and slave instantly clear, and the reading is especially clear; Partly, the front end of the hour hand is designed with a large area of ​​rhombus for coating with luminous paint, and the minute hand is a thick pencil hand. The recognition of the hands and the time scale design, at night or when you are really in an underwater environment with insufficient light sources, you can feel a clear visual effect through the eye-catching luminous light.

Black, gray, blue and green, various face plates
Satisfy the heart of good lust

Admit it, men are really lustful! I still remember that the new army green dial of HydroConquest last year was very popular. It not only became the king of the community platform as soon as it was released, but also the king of out of stock in the store. It can be seen that although the natural color of the diving watch is black dial, the watch Fans are actually very interested in different color combinations. Under the control of Longines, the diving watch shows a calm, lively, sporty and elegant image. The new PVD two-color version in 2021, with four face colors of black, blue, gray and army green, is matched with stainless steel and Rose gold PVD, or stainless steel and gold PVD materials, and each has a chain strap and the same color rubber strap version, the combination of multiple, visual changes more than ever.

Four dial tones, with the same color ceramic bezel and rubber strap, plus rose gold or gold PVD, the collision of warm and cold tones, the color richness instantly increases. In addition to color matching, the surface treatment used on the face plate is also different, and the different visual brightness is also a consideration when choosing. For example, the blue surface and the gray surface are finely polished and brushed radial sun patterns, with a slight metallic luster, with shades of light and shade. The green surface is matte and has a low-key character of military camouflage.

Two-tone PVD two-tone
The sense of refinement is just right

Whether you want to add some gorgeousness and exquisiteness to your outfit, or to create a stylish good fortune, gold is an indispensable single product color, and the Two-tone design of the HydroConquest PVD two-color model is just a kind of A choice that takes into account shining highlights and unconventional options.

The whole watch is still made of stainless steel. The PVD part is made of anti-slip engraving on the side of the bezel, the crown, and the dial is with gold rims on the hands and hour markers. The gold occupies a small area, but has the effect of embellishment and set off. The slight sense of luxury is just right, and it also makes the main color of the face more prominent. Of course, the PVD of the chain belt has more central links, so the golden color accounts for a relatively larger visual proportion, and it looks more luxurious and more seductive.

Waterproof movement everything in place
Entry price is worth it

With the specifications that an entry-priced watch can provide, Longines is really striving for the top and continuously updating, making HydroConquest not only a sports watch full of vitality, but also a diving watch with excellent performance. Well received. The watch is equipped with the most popular ceramic bezel nowadays. The front of the bezel is made of ceramic inserts, which are scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and will not cause color fading. The case structure of the screw-in crown and screw-in solid back cover is created. 300 meters waterproof rating.

Moreover, although the watch is not a transparent back, the L888.5 self-winding movement inside is actually of good standard. It is restructured from ETA 2892, inheriting the advantages of stable structure, sturdiness and durability, and is equipped with antimagnetic silicon hairspring. , With a dynamic reserve of 72 hours, which is equivalent to three days of power, the balance with a card-free hairspring belongs to the specifications of the middle and high-end models, and is very competitive among the same-level models.

Good-handed style, everyday all-match
Daily Watch beats the world with one watch

The PVD semi-gold two-color new model of the Deep Sea Conquest series HydroConquest is only available in a single size of 41 mm in diameter. For Asians, it is of moderate size and high acceptance. It can even be casual, formal, and capable of “one watch”. The size of the Daily Watch of “Tianxia”. The combination of PVD two-tone case and a variety of face plate colors, coupled with the freedom to choose to match the chain strap or rubber strap, is very flexible, especially suitable for modern people with rich and varied life situations.

The matching rubber strap is also worth mentioning. After all, the rubber belt is born for diving, focusing on leisure and lightness, so it is generally relatively sunny in details. However, HydroConquest has made a woven pattern on the surface of the rubber belt to imitate the NATO belt, so it has a visual texture of fabric, but At the same time, it has the softness, comfort and waterproofness of a rubber band. It reduces the sense of movement of a diving watch and adds the Smart Casual style that is more frequently required in modern times, which is naturally more practical to wear. Longines cheap