Chopard launches Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF

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A beautifully packaged technical achievement.

Chopard’s proprietary escapement was first introduced in LUC 8HF in 2012. It is known for its ultra-high frequency and twice the speed of the traditional escapement. It is also one of the first mass-produced escapements of this type.

Regardless of the advantages, the brand’s past high-frequency watches were mixed in design, so the brand’s technical achievements have never received the recognition it deserves. But now the 8 Hz escapement has finally appeared in an attractive package, the Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF.

The new Alpine Eagle combines a luxury sports watch with an interesting movement and a novel escapement that runs at twice the normal speed.

Like the standard version of Alpine Eagle, the case and bracelet of the Cadence 8HF have reached an impressively high level. This is especially impressive given that it is entirely titanium and not steel.

This design has indeed received some minor criticism-the polished center link of the bracelet is too narrow-but it still looks good. Cadence 8HF has a clean dial, which adds to the appeal.

Although technically impressive, the movement does not have much to be seen because the finish is a craftsman-like monochromatic. In other words, the aesthetics of the movement fits perfectly with the style (and price) of the watch.

Cadence 8HF is nearly 50% more expensive than the ordinary steel model-but in my opinion it is worth it. Not only is the movement superior in terms of technology and performance-the high-frequency movement maintains time more stably over a long period of time-the watch itself is more inherently attractive than the steel watch.

Compared to the broader market where most luxury sports watches are very popular, Cadence 8HF is a value proposition.

Low-key aesthetics
From the appearance point of view, Cadence 8HF is only slightly different from the standard model. At a distance, it is difficult to distinguish the two. It has the same size and dial texture, but the dial is light gray that the standard model does not have.

In other words, Cadence 8HF is indeed more attractive in terms of the look and feel of the hand. On the one hand, the dial is cleaner, with only one Roman numeral in the quarter instead of four.

In addition, the titanium case and bracelet are light in weight, but still retain the steel luster produced by the high-quality surface treatment.

The key feature of the Cadence 8HF-and the reason for its name-lies in the movement, even its distinctive features are almost invisible, although they can be heard when listening to the movement’s beat.

Adjust to high speed
Carl. 01.12-C in Cadence 8HF is a modified version of the calibration. 01.01-C is found in the standard model.

What set up the calibration. 01.12-C is essentially a balance wheel and escapement, that is, the balance wheel is smaller, and the escapement has a silicon escapement wheel with a larger diameter than usual, resulting in more teeth on its circumference.

It is worth noting that cal. 01.12-c has the same 60-hour power reserve as the standard movement, albeit at a higher frequency. This is because a smaller balance wheel can compensate for a higher escapement frequency. Its diameter is approximately one-third smaller than cal. 01.01-C means it needs less energy to oscillate.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Cadence 8HF
Ref. 298600-3005

Diameter: 41 mm
Height: 9.75 mm
Material: Titanium
Crystal: Sapphire
Water resistance: 100 meters

Movement: Carl. 01.12-C
Functions: hour, minute, second and date
Chain: Automatic
Frequency: 57,600 times per hour (8 Hz)
Power reserve: 60 hours

Strap: Titanium bracelet