「Time・Light」Machinery – A. Lange & Söhne ZEITWERK

How is an extraordinary complex device composed? Whether in the music, art or watchmaking world: this movement stands out in many ways. Every design detail shows charming charm. The overall appearance presents a unique style. The joy of owning a watch masterpiece enriches our senses, and you can continue to discover new elements that make the structure full of interest.

The ZEITWERK time machine “Lumen” 18K honey gold model is Lange’s fifth watch with a translucent dial and a luminous display. But this watch is even better, integrating three extraordinary features: including a digital time display concept equipped with a jumper device, and a novel and unique design that ensures the watch. 18K honey gold presents an eye-catching warm hue. This alloy is exclusively developed and used by Lange. At night, the luminous numbers of the “Lumen” watch are supplemented by daylight.

ZEITWERK Time Machine “Lumen” Watch 18K Honey Gold – Continuous Innovation
The 18K honey gold version of the ZEITWERK time machine “Lumen” fully proves the spirit of the A. Lange & Söhne product developers to continuously explore new areas. After all, this best luxury watch not only stands out for its novel and unique design, but also because it breaks the boundaries of traditional watches and is equipped with innovative devices.

This ZEITWERK time mechanical watch is equipped with a clear and easy-to-read large jump display, which is the same as a general digital watch. The time display is arranged from left to right. The sophisticated rotating mechanism consists of two minute discs and a large hour circle, which spans almost the entire diameter of the movement.

In addition to the technical concept, the innovative design elements of the watch are also quite revolutionary. The curved time bridge is one of the most eye-catching elements, adding elegance to the time display. It is made of black rhodium-plated German silver and complements the dark sapphire crystal glass dial.

The two barrels provide the power required for switching, and the switching node is controlled by a patented constant force escapement system, which also ensures that the balance wheel is always driven by a constant force. The 18K honey gold version of the ZEITWERK Time Machine “Lumen” is equipped with a newly developed watch factory-made L043.9 movement with a power reserve of up to 72 hours.

The button at 4 o’clock is a new design, which can switch the hour display independently, making time setting more convenient. When the button is released, the switching power is generated. Therefore, the switching process is always the same regardless of the force of the start button.

Ingenious design concept-luminous digital

The ZEITWERK Time Mechanical “Lumen” 18K honey gold model is a mechanical watch with excellent performance, which can still read the time clearly at night. In a dark environment, the numbers in the two display boxes will glow. The technical challenge behind this design is to use light energy to supplement energy for the numbers, although most of them are located under the dial. chrono4usale.co

The final solution is to use translucent sapphire crystal glass coated with a special coating.

This coating can filter out some of the visible spectrum and pass most of the ultraviolet light. The light energy in this spectrum can just replenish energy for luminous materials-making them shine in the dark. The light transmittance in the visible spectrum is reduced to the extent that the disc device can only be faintly recognized during the day, so that it will not negatively affect the clarity of reading

The word skipping device equipped with the digital display is still clear and easy to read after each switching cycle, even at night. This is because today’s digital discs can make the watch shine whenever it appears on the display device after exactly one minute. The fascinating switching loop is especially eye-catching at night.

The 18K honey gold case of the ZEITWERK time machine “Lumen” watch has a diameter of 41.9 mm and is made of 18K honey gold exclusively developed by Lange-this is the first time cheap A. Lange & Söhne has used this material to make a “Lumen” watch. This 18K gold alloy has excellent hardness and presents a unique warm luster. The power reserve indicator, the hands of the small seconds dial, and the A. Lange & Söhne pin buckle are all made of 18K honey gold. The watch is paired with a dark dial and dark brown leather strap, making the color of the entire watch particularly eye-catching.

Advanced movement

Below the avant-garde dial with the striking ZEITWERK time mechanical bridge, the 28 numbers on the three discs can be vaguely recognized. Then there is a fascinating switching cycle, with every minute as a cycle.

With a light press, at least one of the three number disks will jump forward. It locks at least one new number in the display window-as the next hour enters, a clever mechanical device pushes three discs forward at the same time.

The 18K honey gold version of the ZEITWERK Time Mechanical “Lumen” watch has an hour correction button, which makes the newly developed L043.9 manual winding movement more sophisticated and complex. Compared with the previous models, the number of movement parts is increased. To 462 pieces. The wearer can also adjust the minute display in two directions through the crown at 2 o’clock.

Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, you can enjoy numerous switching cycles. For example, it showcases hand-carved balance and escape wheel bridges, upper chain wheel trains, and delicate perpetual bridges that can accommodate two screwed gold sleeves.

The sophisticated switching cycle is controlled by the patented constant power escapement system, which operates two important functions at the same time: on the one hand, it generates power to advance the time display of the jump character; on the other hand, the device is almost uniform during the entire running time. The power drives the balance wheel to effectively maintain the stability of the speed.

The weight balance is matched with a freely oscillating balance spring, which vibrates at a frequency of 18,000 times per hour (2.5 Hz). Other classic elements that demonstrate the outstanding quality of A. Lange & Söhne include the movement that has been reassembled and carefully modified by hand.

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“Lumen” watch

The name “Lumen” represents a series of extraordinary timepieces, equipped with a translucent dial that highlights Lange’s unique design. The first was the ZEITWERK time-mechanical “Luminous” watch launched in 2010, and then A. Lange & Söhne launched the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 large “Lumen” watch in 2013 and 2016 respectively, and the LANGE 1 Lange 1 large moon phase ” Lumen” watch. The DATOGRAPH large calendar chronograph power reserve indicator “Lumen” watch was launched in 2018. These four watches are all released as limited editions, which are regarded as treasures favored by collectors.

The technical challenge when developing the “Lumen” watch was to use light energy to evenly replenish energy for the luminous material under the dial. The final patented solution is to use a translucent sapphire crystal dial coated with a special coating.

The light wave transmission of visible light will therefore be weakened, resulting in a high-contrast effect, making the dial clear and easy to read. On the contrary, ultraviolet light waves can pass through to supplement energy for the numbers, making them glow through the window at night.