It’s a “sorrowful” and trendy look.

In the skeletonized watch, everyone should have heard of the SkeletonX skeleton watch of Ulysse Nardin. It is handsome, bursting, and cool. It is the first feeling when you get this watch. It can be seen that the SkeletonX skeleton watch of Athens Watch is aimed at young consumer groups, and it is the trend attitude of this group to show individuality. Such a hollow watch, wearing it out of the street, everyone will look at it more. This time we got the SkeletonX Skeleton Lava Watch. (Watch model: 3713-260/MAGMA)

The SkeletonX hollow magma watch uses a 42 mm delicate case, this size fits most people’s wrists, and the design is full of modernity: sharp edges and corners, masculine lines, and more square.

In addition to the charming hollow design, this watch also uses ultra-light carbon fiber and red marbled epoxy resin to create the case, creating a visual effect like volcanic magma. The special material of the watch case can form a black texture on the surface. The colors of black and red collide and burst the eyeball. The texture of each watch is different, and each watch is unique. Because of its excellent material, this watch is very light and will not put any burden on the wrist when worn on the hand.

The skeleton design of the SkeletonX skeleton watch is excellent. It is as simple as a high-end racing car to only the core components. The components of the UN-371 movement are clearly visible. Although there are indeed many hollow watches on the market, many hollow wholesale watches replica simply dig a hole in the movement, but the hollow table of the Athens watch is very thorough. The watchmaker does not affect the performance of the movement. Next, do our best to skillfully remove as many parts as possible to create such a powerful and “transparent” movement.

At 6 o’clock is the oversized silicon balance wheel and the silicon anchor escapement.

The red Roman numeral hour markers are arranged at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The hands are specially painted with gray Superluminova to ensure the readability of the dial at night.

The mechanical beauty of the UN-371 movement can also be seen from the back of the watch. The fully wound chain can provide a power reserve of 72 hours.

The UN-371 movement adopts manual winding, which can reserve more space for the hollow movement. Without the cover of the automatic rotor, the hollow design is more perfect.

The black leather strap is decorated with the same color stitching to add vitality to the watch.

Summary: The public price of the SkeletonX skeleton watch of fake Ulysse Nardin is starting at 136,000. This price is still very advantageous in the famous watch. After all, such a handsome and transparent skeleton watch is not common. Elegance and vitality go hand in hand, red and black are intertwined to show the personality style. The SkeletonX hollow magma watch also uses a red case, which is more dynamic. It can also go out on the street every day, and it is also suitable for banquets and appointments. It is a rare all-match watch. .