U-BOAT watch

U-Boat cheap watches are known for their functions that distinguish them perfectly from other timepieces. These watches use Swiss movements, but are proud of being “Made in Italy”. The brand has an interesting history that actually dates back to 1942. But today’s brand is very modern, but built on its unique background and incredible quality watches.

History of U-Boat watches
The history of U-Boat watches can be traced back to 1942, when Ilvo Fontana was commissioned to produce a timepiece for Italian naval officers. These watches will be the pride of U-Boat officers made by the best Italian watchmakers. However, for unknown reasons, this project was cancelled before any of these watches reached the naval officer’s wrist. Fortunately, the design, color samples and materials have been preserved for more than 60 years. With the creation of the U-Boat brand, the watchmaker’s cousin Italo Fontana used these early designs to finally bring the project to life.

Made in Italy, Swiss Dynamics
The U-Boat watch series is based on the old design of the Italian master watchmaker, so it is correct that the watch is made in Italy itself. But when it comes to high-quality precision, these outstanding watches require the highest-quality movements. For this reason, U-Boat watches are proudly made in Italy, but equipped with high-quality movements from Switzerland. This fusion of high-quality Italian craftsmanship and Swiss precision has brought an outstanding watch brand to the market, which proudly brings together the best watchmaking capabilities of the two countries.

U-boat Special Edition

We bring you a new special edition blog, this time it’s U-Boat watch’s turn. This Italian brand is well-known for its quality and the craftsmanship involved in the production of watches, each made by artisans, creating unique value for customers.

These special editions belong to the Classico series, which represent the pure and timeless design concept of U-Boat. Its military-style design captures the essence of the company’s popular style.

Our U-BOAT Special Edition
Equipped with a two-way rotating bezel, equipped with additional hands, allowing you to mark the time in two different time zones. It presents a unique crown on the case with the U-Boat patent protection device.


This chronograph has some special features, such as a cut laser rotor and a two-way bezel, which can be locked by a lever on the right side of the case. It is equipped with a hand-made black leather strap, combined with the case and dial.


This U-Boat diving watch Sommerso is designed to be water-resistant up to 300 meters. A special feature is that it comes with black DLC treatment to provide hardness and resistance.


On the bottom cover of the new Sommerso diving watch, there is an underwater mine map. It has elegant Arabic numerals and brushed steel frame. This watch is equipped with a black rubber strap, and the calfskin lining is Kodiak water-resistant.

U-boat CLASSICO U-type 1001
It can withstand the strict requirements of professional diving, and it provides a clear and technical design. U-1001 is water-resistant to 1001 meters and has a helium escape valve in the screw-in crown under the iconic cap.