ASTRONOMIA CASINO: No return on investment in roulette

Time can be everything in a casino. Sitting at the right table at the right time can be the difference between jackpots and house wins. Now you can wear a high-quality watch with a casino theme on time.

Watchmaking expert Jacob & Co. is based on their 2014 Astronomia Tourbillon intricate design. This watch deviates from the usual high-end fashion and timeless design, and instead adopts a more eye-catching timepiece, which contains a lot of details depicting the movement of the sun, the moon and the earth.

This watch seems to be the beginning of Jacob & Co.’s new movement, and they subsequently launched a new watch made in a similar way, although this time it is a roulette theme. Below are the details of this amazing new member of the Astronomia series.

A special casino inspired landscape
Whether you play online roulette or have never set foot in a casino, there is no denying that this is a unique watch made with excellent details and exquisite craftsmanship. The roulette table sets the background for the typical astronomical elements sitting on it.

The roulette design is creative, subtle and bold. Because of the unusual design depicted by the roulette on the surface of the fashion watch, it is enough to attract people’s attention. Roulette is almost like a monument, or a love letter to one of the most famous and popular casino games.

It is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind watch, so large that it cannot be hidden under the sleeve of your shirt. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in a casino or is indeed a roulette player.

Hands, dial and case
However, watches are not all about aesthetics. Watchmakers of this caliber are leading the way in using high-quality materials and designing them into powerful timepieces. The work is powered by the manufacturer’s internal manual Calibre JCAM2A, has about 60 hours of reserve power and runs at a beat rate of 3Hz.

This internal engine of the best luxury watches is hidden from below to provide additional protection. But when staring through the first-class shell, all aspects of it can be seen from above. For anyone who needs to wind a watch, for convenience, there are two keys on the back of the case, but they are tightly sealed to maintain the delicate beauty of this casino-inspired timepiece.