As Wrestling Star Kevin Von Erich In ‘The Iron Claw’

The first notable scene where we spot the two-tone Datejust is during Efron’s character’s wedding reception after he marries his wife, Pam (played by Lilly James). In a touching scene, the husband and wife, along with the whole Von Erich family, get together to celebrate. And there’s a viral line-dancing moment that took the internet by storm. And while Efron’s Kevin Von Erich wears his Datejust throughout the wedding, there’s a more special moment that features the watch. Kevin finds his younger brother David (played by Harris Dickinson) in the bathroom dealing with a yet-to-be-diagnosed ailment. The two sit on the floor of the bathroom, and as Kevin tells his brother that he’s expecting his first child, you can see the silhouette of the Datejust in the front of the frame. There are two other key scenes in which the Datejust gets a closeup. One is featured in the Rolex advertisement (explained briefly above) where Efron’s Kevin embraces his children at the movie’s end. The other comes shortly before that scene. It is a highly emotional moment in the film that I will not spoil. But the stakes of this scene cause Kevin to confront his father and engage in a full-on physical altercation. He takes his father to the ground and begins to choke him. And as he relents, and loosens his grip, the camera cuts to his hands and we see the champagne dial of the two-tone Datejust. It’s not a happy scene by any means, but a highly emotional one that shows the watch in the midst of a poignant moment. The Iron Claw, starring Zac Efron, Lily James, Harris Dickison, Jeremey Allen Wright, Holt McCallany, Maura Tierney, and Stanley Simons is directed by Sean Durkin with props by Stephen P. Noell. It is available to rent or own on Apple and