The Streamliner Cylindrical Tourbillon Skeleton

We are here in Miami this weekend ahead of the Grand Prix where Moser has just announced a follow-up watch to the blue Streamliner Skeleton Cylindrical Tourbillon announced just a couple of weeks ago to cement its new partnership with the Alpine F1 team and Moser’s new brand ambassador Pierre Gasly. That watch featured blue accents, which represent the livery of the BWT Alpine F1 team. Of course, if you know Formula 1, you know blue isn’t the only color the team sports. And so where we had a 100-piece LE in blue, today we are getting a far more limited variation of the Cylindrical Tourbillon of 20 pieces in pink. The pink version is effectively the same watch as the blue, but with a new strikingly pink strap color and a vibrant pink small dial at 12 o’clock. The case remains 42.3mm in steel with a dome sapphire crystal giving way to the elegantly skeletonized dial with lumed markers and indices. high quality replica watches

Moser has taken its in-house HMC 811 caliber and created a real piece of art, where you can feel the dimensionality of the movement while simultaneously being able to see straight through the watch to the wrist below. high quality replica watches

At race-opening press conference last night, Gasly took to the podium to answer his first questions as Moser ambassador, and he did so wearing not one, but two watches – both limited edition Moser pieces in pink and blue. While it’s likely nobody will ever get such a chance in the future, it was really cool to see both livery colors manifested in these watches side by side.
Moser entering the F1 space is news in its own right. The Meylan family has really shepherded this brand into a new era and year after year, delivered fresh takes on haute horlogerie. I often think back to the Moser’s more exuberant releases such as the pixelated eraser or the “don’t call it an Apple Watch” watch. But in recent years, the Streamliner has proven itself to be a household name in many ways and a centerpiece model for Moser. As the brand’s footprint grows, it makes sense that they would expand into new areas, and a partnership with Alpine is certainly a new frontier. This is especially true when you think about Moser’s stance on branding. Most of the time you don’t even see a brand on the dial of one of its watches, and if you do, it’s nearly invisible. But it’s that commitment to its own brand ideals that also appealed to Alpine, a commitment to the craft over a commitment to flash. high quality replica watches

And so what we have for this first partnership is not your typical racing watch, but rather Moser doubling down on what it does best, with a twist. I loved the blue edition when I heard about it a couple of weeks ago, but seeing the both watches this week, I can truly say the pink is very cool. It is one of those colors that would have been easy to screw up, but adds just the right amount the flash to this design. On the wrist, the 42.3mm sizing wears more like 41mm I would say and the rubber strap is line with what Moser has always done – something that doesn’t get nearly enough attention – and that’s deliver some of the best rubber straps in the watch game. Of course, this is a 20 piece LE and so we won’t be seeing many of them around the world, especially given the price tag of $97,000, but it is a really great way to celebrate F1 Miami and a new partnership for a brand that always keeps us on our toes. high quality replica watches