Corum and the birth of Golden Bridge

Replica Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE CLASSIC ROSE GOLD B113/01043 - 113.160.55/0002 0000 watch

After winning the gold medal for his work, Calabrese cooperated with some watch brands but was rejected. Then he got in touch with René Bannwart, the founder of Corum. Bannwart does not need to be convincing. He is a person known for his artistic taste, and he set up a creative design department in Omega before starting a company with his uncle.​​ He immediately saw Vincent’s creative potential and completed the transaction within a few hours. Bannwart immediately obtained the patent, and three years later, Corum unveiled the golden bridge at the Baselworld Fair in 1980 to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Unbelievable short timetable of Corum Golden Bridge Tour

1980: start

Although the Golden Bridge certainly cannot satisfy everyone’s tastes, the movement is undoubtedly news and has aroused people’s discussion. Connoisseurs all over the world are immediately hit, and every fine watch collector hopes that his hand can participate in the “slim and slim world famous revolution.” It makes Corum the ultimate real watch manufacturer. Thirty years later, the uniquely designed movement has been regarded as the USP of the series. Calabrese also gradually adjusted the movement to any letter that adapted to the alphabet, except for the letter “I”, which became the official initial of the Corum Golden Bridge series.

2005: The second coming of the Golden Bridge
At the turn of the millennium, as time passed, the growth of the Corum Golden Bridge series lost some momentum, especially with the launch of the young and energetic Corum Bubble series. However, under the support of Antonio Calce, Corum’s new boss, he firmly believes that “if you have such a gold nugget, you are responsible for providing it with the value it deserves”, and the brand has given the series a new look. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Corum, the brand launched iconic models with contemporary styles in 2005.

2009: The great titanium bridge unveiled
The Ti-Bridge launched from Corum brought the world’s watches to a halt, and noticed that huge and endless ideas were waiting to be released from the Corum headquarters. In 2009, the brand also launched a new internal mechanical movement, the CO 007 movement, which is a powerful and technologically superior movement that was first used in Ti-Bridge. For Corum, this was a very creative year, and Ti-Bridge caused a sensation.

The new movement is undoubtedly inspired by the legendary Golden Bridge movement, although it is different. It retains the shape of the golden bridge, but the size, components, materials and technical specifications are completely different. The main difference is the position of the movement. In the Golden Bridge series, all movements are placed vertically inside the case, while the titanium bridge places the linear movement horizontally. The Ti-Bridge launched by Corum has made the world notice the endless creativity, and these waits are waiting to be released at the Corum headquarters.

2011: Automatic winding of the French baguette
Since its inception in 1980, Corum Golden Bridge has only provided a manual winding version, which again cannot meet the needs of most watch lovers. However, in 2011, the brand launched an automatic version of the legendary baguette movement. The automatic winding system Calibre CO313 took nearly four years to develop and design. Its feature is the automatic linear winding rectangular movement with platinum pendulum. With the launch of this version, Corum has reached new heights and further established their dedication to providing consumers with the most exquisite craftsmanship.

2014: Automatic titanium and ceramic golden bridge
At the 2014 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Fair, the golden bridge was made of titanium. It presents an important and urgently needed alliance between gold and titanium, especially for this series. The use of titanium gives the watch a certain depth, and the incredibly clever design of the dial further enhances this depth. The 18-carat rose gold main bridge extending along the center of the case fits perfectly with the grade 5 titanium used, separating this special watch from the Golden Bridge version previously seen.

2016: Launch of the Corum Golden Bridge Award

Corum is a brand that never shrinks. It constantly tries and tries and perfects every watch in its many series again and again. In 2016, Corum launched the first Golden Bridge bread French movement with a round and elegant case, and the Golden Bridge series became news. Designed by the famous Italian designer Dino Modolo, this is a smart move for the brand, because this version will definitely get a higher percentage of gratification and bring a wider customer base together. In addition, the circular golden bridge also uses the miniature suspension structure of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, which increases the aesthetic appeal of the watch. It represents a bridge that connects cultures and civilizations and promotes the idea that the world merges together in this age of technology and social media.

2017: Release of Corum Golden Bridge rectangle

After the great success of the Golden Bridge Round in 2016, Corum released a new version of the Golden Bridge – Corum Golden Bridge rectangle for the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. Like its predecessor, the fake watches was designed by Italian jewelry designer Dino Modolo and uses a suspended linear “rectangular” hand-wound movement. The 18-carat gold bridge of the movement is engraved with iconic engraving and finishing. The shape has changed from the popular round case to the rectangular case in Art Deco style. First, the structure of the side looks very similar to its predecessor. However, if you look closely, you will find that the 18-carat gold structure is actually Roman numerals and rivets, reflecting a very clever design. The products released in 2017 clearly demonstrated the brand’s commitment to continue launching the Golden Bridge series and will not back down anytime soon.

2017: The latest Golden Bridge-Automatic Flow Bridge
After the round and rectangular versions, the Corum Golden Bridge series has the latest Stream Bridge automatic version, which has become a complete circle. Although it has an excellent long French movement, its case is reminiscent of some of the oldest Golden Bridge watches. The glass case of the watch is in the form of a flat cylinder with a rose gold decorative microstructure, which also reflects the inspiration of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

With this amazing watchmaking technology from Corum, any watch enthusiast will be eager to know what Corum’s charming and amazing Golden Bridge will do next. They handle the product line in an innovative way, but never forget to keep the movement as its master, so we can be sure that the Golden Bridge will continue to haunt us.

New Corum Ti Bridge

Neither Rolex nor Omega can match this avant-garde watch, which is a big deal. Starting from the abyss of the quartz crisis, Corum’s own watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese, founded the “Golden Bridge” in 1980, with only one motivation: to change the common perception that clocks and watches are only representative works and have nothing to do with the movement.

This perception still exists in many people’s minds. However, Corum will change it again. With Ti-Bridge, Corum has recreated Bridge only for those who appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmaking and know how to make such high-quality watches. However, if you don’t know much about the Golden Bridge Bridge and this watch, don’t worry. We will show you why this watch is so important in the world:

Watches born out of pure watchmaking passion:

In fact, the words of one of Calabrese’s clients inspired the idea of ​​the bridge. In the 1970s, Vincent Calabrese was a young independent watchmaker and repairman. He was given the function of repairing treasure gue minute repeater, which was damaged by being knocked over by a car. When he quoted a repair fee to the customer, the man asked him to repair only the watch case and not the movement. His answer was: “No one has seen the movement anyway, so no maintenance is needed.”

These words caused a lot of damage to Mr. Carabrez, so much so that he decided to create a watch that day, the movement will be “the star of the watch, not the case or design.” In his words, it is “internal beauty of!”

Then, he devoted the next few years of his life to trying something that has never been done before in watchmaking. His idea? Strip the mechanical device to the most basic point, and the mechanical art will become the center of the watch. But who knew he would speak literally.

The core idea of ​​Mr. Calabrese is a baguette movement, which means that every component of the watch will be arranged in a row, visible from both sides of the watch, and neat. All the forces that make the watch work will be concentrated on one point. impossible? of course.

So he did it. His perseverance finally paid off, and he did realize the impossible. Once again, we are talking about the movement, other watchmakers in the world dare not try!

Therefore, at the Geneva International Inventors Exhibition in 1977, Mr. Carabrez presented his patented 45-component watch. Corum immediately obtained the patent and cooperated with Calabrese to further develop the movement. Three years later, the world’s first Golden Bridge was launched at the Basel Fair in 1980. Even in the quartz crisis, the watch was a great success.

Behold, the new titanium bridge:

As the name suggests, “Ti” or titanium is the main material of this rebirth watch. Lightweight and strong metal does a good job of making the legendary Bridge watch more modern. Obviously, titanium was also chosen for its strength and stiffness. When designing and developing Ti-Bridge, Corum did its best to make the watch as close to the original as possible.

One might think that the barrel-shaped case (42 x 52) looks chunky on the wrist, but Ti-Bridge is much thinner than people think. The case is made of grade 5 titanium alloy (the only titanium alloy that can be polished). Due to its curved design, it is very suitable for the wrist. Titanium alloy adds a strong character to the watch. The crown with the Corum key logo is also made of titanium.

Sports-Titanium Bridge Hero:
In the words of Mr. Calabrese, the movement will be “the star of the watch, not the case or design”, which is exactly what Ti-Bridge means. Corum’s new CO 207 is indeed an exhibition of Corum’s patented watchmaking technology. All mechanical elements are arranged in order: from the 72-hour spring barrel at one end to the flutter escapement at the other end.

This is one of the sports that attracts everyone’s attention, and it is an instant “talk starter”. In fact, the CO 207 movement is so simple and transparent, it can also be used as an example, let your child explain the principle of the mechanical movement, everything is so perfect. The pure beauty of the hollow linear movement will drive many watch lovers back to the romantic atmosphere of the mechanical movement.

The Dual Winder system winds the Ti bridge by not bringing one, but using two pendulums installed in series connected by a drive shaft. The pendulum moves the transmission in a parallel direction (bidirectional). The bottom cover of Ti-Bridge really makes us understand the working principle of the dual winder system,

Worship mechanical timepieces: Despite showing avant-garde watchmaking craftsmanship, Ti-Bridge is designed as a multi-functional watch-formal enough to match a suit, and durable enough to be worn on weekends. Ti-Bridge is equipped with a leather-stitched rubber strap, grade 5 titanium case and 30m water resistance. It is a multifunctional machine designed by Corum, suitable for daily use and casual use.

For watch lovers, Ti-Bridge is a visual enjoyment, because it perfectly shows the stroke from the hairspring to the “tick to tick”. With the linear movement of the pointer, it can directly drive the hand from the wrist. For lovers of traditional luxury replica watches uk, Ti-Bridge is a “sacred object”, nothing more than the worship of mechanical watches.