Audemars Piguet launches next-generation Royal Oak offshore


Five styles of steel, gold and titanium; each 43 mm, embodies the “evolution” of greater offshore aesthetics.

Since its debut in 1993-now a folklore in the watch industry-the Royal Oak Offshore has developed into a complete series of the same name: from the best-selling 42mm chronograph to dedicated models such as the newer chronograph Shore diver. Like the latter, the Associated Press has just “updated” its offshore series, launching five new 43mm versions-said to retain the “essence of [original] features”, despite renewed focus on comfort and modern aesthetics- —And we have the opportunity to come into contact with four of them, except for the gray titanium iteration. We will save as a breakdown of everything that will change in the future as’Side by Side’. At the same time, I want to talk about developments that are not so obvious. Ergo, a manufacturing-grade chronograph movement, is a new product in the Offshore series; and an adjustment to the existing offshore DNA.

A higher caliber chronograph movement
In the usual course of events, watch authors tend to (usually reluctantly) regurgitate a press release describing the technical characteristics of the relevant movement, devoting sufficient page space to the physical properties of the new version. Today, we will flip the script a bit by solving the following problem first (heresy, yes, I know). In other words, the 4401 movement: in terms of technical complexity, it is a huge leap for the Offshore series. I chose to start this special “Watch Drop” here because it turns out that there are a lot of things to discuss. Audemars Piguet cheap

For starters: the movement completely deviates from the 44mm format movement derived from F. Piguet, which well reflects (from multiple collectors) that the chronograph module really should not be “in this price category” Things. Instead, the 4401 is a fully integrated movement with a vertical clutch. Unlike what you find in large Offshores, it can store up to 70 hours of reserve power and has a significantly superior oscillation rate. Most importantly, the movement is equipped with a flyback mechanism that allows for the instant reset of the chronograph. This is a small sweetness that can track the Associated Press’s decision to target the new 43mm version at the “active adventurer”.

Aesthetics and ergonomics
Although this Offshore and its 44mm siblings are inevitably compared from head to toe (thanks to the person who wrote it), this is a “Watch Drop” and we still need to take a quick inventory Let me introduce the changes in aesthetics. The most striking thing is that almost all external elements have been slightly bent, making the 43 mm structure more suitable for a variety of different wrist sizes. swiss watch men

From the side of the watch, you will see that the bezel and the sapphire crystal of the watch depict a soft arc from 6 to 12-this subtle contour effect is further enhanced by the chamfering of the case and the shape of the chronograph button Enhanced. The case is further equipped with the same strap replacement system that we saw for the first time on Offshore Diver in March. The system utilizes a “double press” button located on the back of the two gap lugs, so the wearer can change the strap , Without the hassle of spring bars, in a few seconds.

It may be on the dial, and you will find the most concentrated update to the previous Offshore aesthetic-starting with a large tapestry. Considering the size of each diamond (all diamonds are decorated with a striped finish), you hardly need a magnifying glass to distinguish the X-shaped pattern that connects the entire pattern together. In addition to looking interesting, they also add an element of visual depth to the dial and tell the evolving way AP uses its iconic dial finish. 26238ST.OO.A340CA.01

You may need a magnifying glass to see the chronograph. Still composed of three parts (outer area, minute track, and circular textured inner dial), their look and feel are now closer to the standard Royal Oak chronograph. There is no harm, especially considering that the phones used for timekeeping are now color-coded. The intensity of this contrast is not necessarily the same-the version with the “smoky gray-brown” dial uses the second hand color scheme, which is quite similar in editing-but more often than not.

In addition to the “smoky gray-brown” version, the Associated Press also released another 43 mm stainless steel Offshores, with a black/gray/red color scheme, which may appeal to car enthusiasts. Elsewhere, there are two titanium models with gray or blue dials (junk of my choice), and the well-known strange duck is a very ostentatious rose gold model. Between these and newer divers, the summer of 2021 will be an offshore summer.

Ref # 26238ST.OO.A340CA.01

Stainless steel case

42 mm


15.20 mm

Blue Color
Blue rubber
100 m

Flyback chronograph, hours, minutes, small seconds and date