The second generation of CORUM watch bubble series skull watch debuts, and the limited number is increased

The classic Bubble watch series of CORUM watch recently launched the Bubble 47 Skull X-Ray skull watch. This watch looks familiar at first glance, because it is the second generation of the same style in 2021. Under the condition that the characteristics are the same, new designs are added to the details to show a new atmosphere.

The Bubble 47 Skull X-Ray skull watch will continue its efforts to launch the second generation in 2022. The main changes are some details such as the color of the hands.

The brand said that the Bubble 47 Skull X-Ray in 2021 will be sold out in a short time due to its creative and topical shape; in view of this, CORUM will launch a successor in 2022. The limited number is increased to 666 pieces. Compared with the limited number of only 88 pieces in the first generation, more people who like this kind of bubble watch + skull theme watch have more opportunities to buy their favorites. The reason why the limited number is increased to more than 600 is not just to meet the market demand, because the number 666 represents the devil and mystery in Western culture, which is also related to the theme of the watch, so the design of the brand can be said to be comprehensive, even The limited number can be attached to the skull theme.

The all-black design, with fluorescent green stitching and second hand, can further enhance the mysterious atmosphere of the skull theme.

The second-generation Bubble 47 Skull X-Ray also uses a large 47mm case with black PVD treatment. The famous domed crystal glass mirror of the Bubble series enhances the overall round shape of the watch, and in order to set off the suspenseful impression of a skull, so The watch is also specially paired with a black synthetic strap to echo the black background of the case and dial.

Once in a dark environment, the luminous effect of the skull pattern will come in handy, highlighting the existence of hands without luminous paint, revealing the reverse thinking of the luminous effect of ordinary watches.

The visual highlight of the watch is that the huge skull pattern is placed on the dial. Thanks to the domed crystal glass mirror, the pattern will have a more magnified feeling, and the Kunlun watch also adds luminous materials (including the dial) to the skull pattern. The scales on the outer edge also have luminous materials), so looking at the skull pattern in a well-lit place originally has a three-dimensional strange feeling of looking at X-ray photos now, but once it enters the dim environment, the skull pattern will also emit a ghostly image. Fluorescent green, the visual effect is quite bold and interesting.

The transparent bottom cover of the case back reveals the appearance of the CO 082 movement. The edge of the bottom cover especially emphasizes the limited status of the fake luxury watches, and the limited number of each watch is also engraved.

The new Bubble 47 Skull X-Ray also changes the second hand to fluorescent green, which makes the watch easier to see the time in bright places. Even when switching to the luminous mode, the second hand will not be “eaten” by the green color of the skull pattern. The flow of time is more compact and eye-catching on the second generation. The CO 082 automatic movement exposed on the back of the watch is responsible for the function of driving the time of the watch. The balance wheel of this movement has a vibration frequency of 4Hz and a power reserve of 42 hours. As for the waterproof performance of the watch, it is also at the level of 100 meters. people’s needs.

The large diameter of the fashion replica watches is very eye-catching when worn on the hand, and the shape of the bubble watch is very recognizable, making it difficult to mistake it.

Are you still embarrassed that you didn’t get the Bubble Skull last year? It seems that the brand’s strategy of testing the water temperature first in 2021 can quite resonate in the market, so the watch will further increase the limited number in 2022, so that this wave of bubble skulls has a chance to become more and more popular.