Discount Replica MB&F LM1 SILBERSTEIN RG 53.RL.FS watch

MB&F fake has permanent creativity. The traditional machine No.1 is a model of high-end timepieces. However, this Maximilian Busser machine is different from the existing watch machines of the brand. It is a founding member of the Legacy Machine series. Historically, MB&F watches have avoided tradition and adopted modern design wholeheartedly. However, the exquisite traditional machine No.1 combines tradition and modernity.

Well thought out result

Max Busser asked himself a question: “If I was born in 1867, a hundred years earlier than my actual birth year, what would happen? With the help of a friend, what watch would I conceive of? The answers to these questions led to the birth of MB&F Legacy Machine No.1.

“Friends” are at the center of the MB&F paradigm. Over the years, Max Busser and his friends have spent a lot of time thinking about clock issues that few people think of. They studied historical clocks and rockets of the space age. Bi Shumin é e and chain mechanisms, different types of calendar systems and innovative balance are further examples of the brand’s blue sky thinking. Every friend has contributed to the MB&F machine we see today. However, all MB&F watches rely on Maximilian Busser’s outstanding skills to orchestrate extraordinary time machines.

Max Busser’s goal is clear. He wanted to achieve the perfect combination of classic and modern watchmaking. MB&F has collaborated with Reuge to produce rocket watches, works influenced by spiders and exquisite music boxes. The foundation is laid, but the journey of MB&F is still going on, and many ideas are still waiting to be implemented. The brand’s excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and unlimited creativity have won the international recognition and admiration of the annual GPHG award.

Large balance wheel in the center of the dial

The center of the dial is the core of the movement, dynamic balance, full of life, and seems to be eternal movement. The position of the balance makes the display full of fascinating dynamics. The balance wheel is located under the balance and its protruding bridge. The two dials display the hour and minute respectively, allowing the wearer to view the main time in two different positions. Adjacent to the two dials is a unique vertical power reserve. It looks like a sextant and is synonymous with horology and maritime navigation.

MB&F replica Lab designed a watch that not only contains some classic design elements, but also complements the brand’s prestigious Horological Machines, rockets and music boxes. The success of the traditional machine No.1 is obvious. It has received widespread praise and won many prestigious awards including Red Dot and GPHG.

Twist the classic watch

The dial of Legacy Machine No. 1 is dynamic, full of energy, and has a perpetual motion machine with a balance. Years of efforts have been successful, and technical research and exquisite design have been combined to become a masterpiece of this watch. This luxury watch incorporates classic watchmaking techniques and extensive use of manual finishing. The back of the case is equipped with a sapphire crystal glass, which allows you to enjoy the view of the perfectly completed manual winding movement inside. Below the domed sapphire crystal, you can see a large balance wheel, which swings back and forth, and its mechanical Showboat attracts bystanders.

MB&F has proven that it can take classic products from established brands such as L’EP and Yujue, and inject them into contemporary with its own unique character. In cooperation with MB&F, these two previously known brands for traditional products have adapted to the new challenges and created the same luxury products as MB&F’s legendary Horological Machines. This creativity gave birth to stunning rocket-shaped music boxes and robot-inspired desk clocks. One aspect that these products have in common is that each breathtaking artwork has obvious modernity.


MB&F Legacy Machine No.1 is the successful summary of the cooperation between Max Busser and his friends. The eternal desire is to produce high-end watches with thought-provoking designs and unparalleled mechanical beauty. Many watch collectors love this watch, they appreciate the unparalleled fake watches for sale ingenuity and unique aesthetics.

Similar to the rockets, desk clocks and music boxes made by Reuge and Sword, MB&F Legacy Machine No.1 is a watch that references the clock of the past while breaking the boundaries of modern design. The core of the first old machine was the movement. It was placed in the center of the stage, demonstrating the dynamic balance in calculating the rhythm of time.

MB&F Legacy Machine No.1 offers 18k red gold, 18k white gold, platinum, titanium and stainless steel to choose from. Some of these models are limited edition watches, offering a degree of uniqueness appreciated by many connoisseurs.

Maximilian Busser contacted his friend Alain Silberstein. The two gentlemen had previously created the HM 2.2 “black box”, and Max again asked him to provide ideas. Silberstein takes the classic Legacy Machine No.1 and breathes it with avant-garde creativity. The striking result of this collaboration is the LM1 Silberstein, which is an eye-catching watch, available in 18k rose gold or grade 5 titanium.

Traditional machine No.1 has repeatedly shown that everything is evolving without fail. In fact, Max Busser and his friends showed a timeless desire for creativity and innovation. These qualities are evident in the various models bearing the MB&F name.

However, these are not the final decisions of MB&F Legacy Machine No.1. swiss replica watches For its movement, Jean Fran’s creators C OIS Mojon and Cary Wattirain have once again collaborated with Max Busser to create the splendid MB&F Heritage No. 2 movement. By calling Mojon and Voutilainen again, Busser has shown that he greatly appreciates the skills of these two respected watchmakers, acknowledging their horological prowess and perfect shared pursuit.

Technical index


-18k rose gold
-Dimensions: diameter 44mm x height 16mm
-Number of parts: 65


-Chronode is a three-dimensional watch movement specially developed for MB&F, with bridge design and finish specified by Kari Voutilainen
-Manual winding of single barrel
-Power reserve: 45 hours
-Balance wheel: Tailor-made 14mm balance wheel, four traditional adjustment screws floating above the movement and dial
-Hairspring: The traditional Bao Bre curve ends in a movable stud bracket
-Balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph
-Number of parts: 279
-Number of gems: 23
-High-level manual processing under the premise of respecting the style of the 19th century; polished internal bevels highlighting the manual craftsmanship; polished bevels; Geneva waves; gold caisson with polished countersinks; hand-engraved


-Hours and minutes: fully independent dual time zones are displayed on the two dials
-Unique vertical power reserve
-Crown: The left crown at 8 o’clock is used to set the time on the left dial; the right crown at 4 o’clock is used to set the time on the right dial and winding

Sapphire crystal

-High dome sapphire crystal mirror, sapphire crystal mirror on the back, anti-reflective coating on both sides

Strap and buckle

-Brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap
-18k pin gold buckle matching the case.