Devon 1, DLC and gold custom tread

Devon Tread 1 is a watch that you will not be confused by anything else. It uses a special “time band” system to display hours and minutes, which is a technology from the aviation industry. This is definitely a timepiece that shows personality. Today Devon launched the Tread 1G, which is a new rendering of the Tread 1 design. It is made of 18k gold and black DLC-coated stainless steel. These are customized special products and we are here to provide you with all the details and pricing information.

It has been several years since Tread 1 was first released, but Tread 1G brings 18k gold to the desktop for the first time. The main link, crown, buckle, motor cover and indicator plate are all made of pure gold, which complements the other parts made of black DLC stainless steel. In the case of 53.3 mm x 47 mm and 19 mm thick, making Tread 1 entirely of pure gold would cause no one to wear too much, so this combination is a good middle ground. In particular, the suspended indicator disc looks great against the black movement and time zone.

This is obviously not a watch for everyone, but it is a watch worth paying attention to. Devon Works is trying to use external engineering expertise to create new ways to track time, and we applaud them for this.

Devon Works Tread 2 reaches full maturity

In Basel in 2013, we brought you Devon Work’s first Tread 2 demonstration prototype, which is an easier-to-understand version of their popular Tread 1 timepiece (which I review here for you). Jeff Stephenson, the chief engineer of the design laboratory, gave a wonderful explanation and explained that they still have some adjustments to be made before the final specification is released. As company founder Scott Devin worried that Tread 2 “has the danger of being considered a derivative of Tread 1,” these adjustments turned into a complete redesign. It sounds reasonable.

The mass production version of Tread 2 pushes industrial design further than the prototype, and its structured case may be reminiscent of Richard Mille, thanks to the eight fasteners that hold the bezel in place. The articulated arm is still a prominent feature, this time with a larger angle, inspired by the end of a hunting knife. An additional set of lugs integrate the case and strap, and provide additional contrast in some color variants. The display did not deviate too much from the original concept.