SIHH 2019 luxury watches

From January 14th to January 17th, in Geneva, the heart of the replica watch industry, we received our first batch of watches for this year at the SIHH, Baselworld, the most prestigious watchmaker. SIHH is one of the most advanced watch exhibitions founded by Richemont Group in 1991. Richemont Group is owned by luxury brands such as Cartier, Panerai and Jaeger LeCoultre. By. In this invitation-only event, the latest innovations in the watch industry were showcased, showing the development trends of the next twelve months.

At the International High-level Watch Salon this year, the common themes we observed include an increase in the use of perpetual calendars and many watch brands launched new works with a blue theme. There are other wholesale replica watches brands, including Hublot, and they are still launching more new products in different colors. Another significant trend in 2019 is the use of skeletal dials.


Hublot is one of the younger Swiss watch brands on the market, but this has not made them popular. In the past few years, Hublot has been one of the two most popular watch brands for men and women. . Hublot watches were established in 1980. As an innovative and modern watch brand, they were unique at the time and broke the tradition by making the first natural rubber strap gold watch. Since its inception, the motto of “Fusion Art” has been a hallmark of the Hublot brand image-a philosophy that helps them bring many new materials to life through watchmaking.

The Classic Fusion chronograph replica, designed by Richard Orlinski, debuted at SIHH 2019 and was first combined with Hublot’s patented red ceramic. Orlinski is a world-renowned contemporary artist known for his keen 3D sculpted lines, which brings a brilliant touch to the design of this cheapest watches. This partnership between Orlinski and Hublot has led to limited production of watches of this model and color. Red means a lot to Orlinski, who associates color with life and passion, and he used this color to create his first wild crocodile sculpture.

Hublot brought some exquisite watches to this year’s exhibition, such as Yellow Bang’s Yellow Sapphire Spirit. This unique 42mm watch is a limited edition with a bezel and case made of polished yellow sapphire crystal. This is one of the two variants of the men watch, which is also released in sapphire, and this trend has been widely reflected in this year’s Expo brand. There will be only 100 watches per watch, making it the perfect choice for collectors. It has 278 components and has a battery backup of 50 hours.

TAG HEUER cheap watches
┬áTAG Heuer unveiled its latest, exciting innovations at this year’s exhibition in Geneva. TAG Heuer is a completely new development. It was the first company to manufacture a hairspring made of carbon composites. This new innovative technology has been used in their new Carrera movement Heuer 02T tourbillon nanometer, which has been adjusted for the best watch. The hexagonal design on the dial of the new Carrera movement Heuer 02T refers to the composition of the carbon molecular structure. The most significant feature of this new Carrera chronograph-certified chronograph is its multi-layer dial and movement combination. The hexagon on the movement plate can be seen through the open working dial.

TAG Heuer manufactures these new hairsprings exclusively because they are designed and produced in-house at La Chaux de Fonds. The advantage of this newly developed hairspring is that the hairspring is very light and hardly affected by gravity or vibration, and other copy watches with metal hairsprings have found that the hairsprings will bend after a 1m drop test.

After seeing the unveiling of such a huge and impressive collection of men’s and women’s replica watches at SIHH 2019, this will only increase our interest in the next Swiss style. As the Basel International copy Watch for sale Fair is coming, we will wait and see what companies such as Hublot, Patek Philippe and others will provide us this year.