MB&F-Golden Eternal Machine

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Legacy Machine Perpetual was first launched by MB&F in 2015 in red gold and platinum versions, followed by white gold and titanium versions, and now there are also 25 limited editions, featuring a vivid blue dial and 44mm gold case.

LM Perpetual is different from many perpetual calendars. These perpetual calendars are installed as modules installed on existing movements, while LM Perpetual is driven by a fully integrated 581 component movement, which was developed from scratch to achieve optimal efficiency .

An example can help understand the benefits of this approach. The traditional perpetual calendar mechanism uses the default 31-day month, and basically “deletes” the redundant dates in the months with fewer dates by quickly forwarding the redundant dates during the conversion process. The traditional perpetual calendar is changed from February 28 to March 1. It can quickly scroll to the 29th, 30th and 31st to reach the 1st.

LM Perpetual uses a patented “mechanical processor” instead of the traditional space-consuming dam (large lever) system architecture. The mechanical processor uses the default 28-day month and adds additional days as needed. This means that each month always has the exact number of days needed; there is no fast forward or skip over extra days.

Other benefits are that the adjustment of the year is simplified with the help of a dedicated quick setting push rod, and in order to avoid problems with the mechanism, when the calendar changes, the adjustment push rod is automatically closed.

The complete complication is displayed on the side of the dial, below the 14 mm suspension balance. The balance can vibrate 18,000 times per hour and has a 72-hour power reserve.best quality replica watches

The hour and minute dials are located at 12 o’clock between the elegant arches of the balance. Other indications include: day of the week (3 o’clock), power reserve indicator (4 o’clock), month (6 o’clock), retrograde leap year indicator (7) and date (9 o’clock).

Through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can appreciate the fine hand finishing with internal bevels, polished bevels, Côtes de Genève and hand-engraved.

MB&F-Legacy Machine No.2 Red Gold Blue

To pay tribute to the rarest mechanism in the history of watchmaking, the dual regulator MB&F Legacy Machine No.2 was first launched in 2013 and is issued in a limited edition of 950 rose gold, white gold and 18 platinum. In 2017, 18 pieces of titanium green face commemorative edition were added, and in 2018, a limited edition of 12 pieces of platinum gold and purple face commemorative face was launched.

This year, MB&F will reuse red gold with a dark blue dial, which has a striking color obtained through a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process.

The Legacy Machine No. 2 Red Gold Blue dial on display on the domed sapphire crystal cupola is an example of perfect symmetry. The white extended lacquer dial at 12 o’clock and the blue hour and minute hands, with a protruding large differential at 6 o’clock, are visually balanced. Moreover, from left to right, the two balance springs and their escapements are the same mirror image, all the way down to the position of the stud holder that secures the balance spring.

The planetary differential has three functions: 1) transmit power to each regulator, 2) receive a separate timing rate from each balancer, and 3) transmit the average rate of the two regulators to the gear train, and finally it It is expressed as the displayed time.

The Legacy 2 movement was developed by the award-winning watchmaker Jean-François Mojon (the best watchmaker at the 2010 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards) and his team at Chronode, and meets swiss MB&F specifications. Another independent senior watchmaker, Kari Voutilainen, ensures that the aesthetic style of the movement is consistent with the high-quality traditional timepieces of the 19th century.

The names of the two people responsible for this movement are engraved on the back. The two balance wheels beat slowly at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations or 2.5 Hz per hour and have 45 hours of autonomy.