Car-inspired BRM Art-Car watch mimics the colors of life

There is no doubt that men are gearheads who love cars and like to brag about their high-end cars. But what if you could wrap your love of cars around your wrist? The colorful car-inspired BRM Art-Car watch makes it all possible. French Bernard Richards Manufacture (BRM) has designed a vibrant collection of watches for men with colorful tastes, designed to imitate the colors of life.

Unlike other modern watch designs, Art-Car pieces have colorful designs. You can see very detailed work on the strap stitching, crown, bezel and other elements. All these elements are adorned with trendy colors, offering a whole new approach to watch design.

Each watch is handcrafted, adding perfection to every part of these pieces. In addition, the interior is equipped with exceptional elements that provide the watch with high-quality mechanical properties. There are several different watch models in the collection. This means that only a lucky few will be able to get their hands on these exclusive watches.

While solid color copy watches look classy and classy, ‚Äč‚Äčthese colorful watches are packed with personality. Each piece is designed to speak for itself and is sure to add some fresh color to your everyday life.

Richard Mille Automatic Flyback Chronograph-Roberto Mancini RM 11-01

Richard Mille men’s watch RM 11-01. The case is made of titanium. The case size is 50×42.7 mm. The thickness of the case is 16.5 mm. Automatic watch with mechanical movement. The watch is water-resistant to 50 m. Transparent bottom cover. The rubber strap is paired with a simple titanium buckle.

As we all know, the brand’s series has many similar and more expressive models that have been shown before. However, in this product, the developers did not seek to create an overly bright and fanciful accessory, they just used their skills to the fullest. Xtreme provides fresher and proven designs, and they undoubtedly did it. The changes affecting watch design and mechanics reflect the natural development of the brand. The brand has been committed to finding innovative solutions to elevate its products to a new and higher level. Roberto Mancini

The creative design created with high-tech language not only has rich and thoughtful textures and contrasts, but also has practicality. The main secret of accessories is hidden in the case. The innovative structure of the automatic movement can withstand the strongest vibration and high acceleration. The chronograph is very suitable for men who value their unique style and like exclusive products. No one will be indifferent when seeing the series of chronographs by Richard Mille, the world’s watchmaker, whose every detail is known for its excellent quality. The size of the titanium case is 50×42.7 mm. The case is 16.5 mm thick. The self-winding movement operates according to the amplitude of the hand movement. This 50m waterproof watch allows you to swim in the pool or shower. The dial is covered with transparent anti-reflective glass made of high-strength sapphire crystal, which can prevent chipping and mechanical damage to the greatest extent. Discount watch fake