HYT Skull

HYT replica watches may immediately become the coolest luxury watch brand in the game

HYT, “Hydraulic Mechanical Watchmaker” released their third watch model-HYT Skull. HYT once again created an unprecedented design. Skull watches may not be new, but the HYT skull is the first futuristic skull watch to enter the watch game.

The most interesting part of the replica HYT skull is that it does not indicate minutes. There are two versions of HYT skulls, one is DLC black titanium alloy with green liquid, and the other is 18K rose gold with DLC black titanium alloy and red liquid. They are called “HYT Skull Green Eye” and “HYT Skull Red Eye” respectively. The new HYT case they use is 51mm wide and 17.9mm thick.

According to Ariel Adams: “Inside the HYT Skull watch is the exclusive HYT movement. You integrate its proprietary bellows and capillary system to move the liquid, which can be seen under the “teeth” of the skull. Through the sapphire The crystal glass window allows you to see the case, which makes the movement more beautiful. The movement runs at 4Hz (28,800 bph) and has a power reserve of about 65 hours. I like the design of traditional movement and modern aesthetics. Of course, the matching green or The red colored sapphire crystal is a nice touch and adds charm to the overall appearance of the replica HYT Skull watch.”