Unique oversized one-button chronograph

Sometimes things don’t need to be too complicated to make it satisfying, but for some people they can be very valuable. Big watches are important watches that were very large in the past, which makes it a very big time in high demand. In the special auction world, high demand equals unlimited bidding. An outstanding example is the single-button chronograph 1932: a case with a diameter of 46 mm in an 18k gold case was not only considered to be an oversized watch at the time, but because of the wider watchmaking process of Patek Philippe, Conservative works of unknown dimensions.

Produced as a special order and sold to Count Carlo Felice Trossi, President of the Ferrari team, this watch is not only rare but also an important added value for outstanding owners. Not only did you have the first owner in such an early period, but there were actually very few photos with a watch. In the background of the picture above, you can see the President of Ferrari. He proudly wears a custom-made 46mm Patek Philippe single-button chronograph on the sleeve, probably when he wore the chronograph ring, the purpose is For easier access. This watch was sold by Sotheby’s in May 2008 for $ 2.24 million, which once again proves the strong interest in important and unusually large watches of the past.

Reference 159.1 million calendar
Over the years (hundreds of years), Patek Philippe has created a wonderful series of different references, and you will find most of them in our selection. Although 1591 may be a model you have never heard of before, it is clear that once you learn that it has a special purpose on the cover of the 2007 Christie’s Geneva important pocket watch and watch catalog, it is special because it is extremely The delicate aesthetics and stunningly complex internal construction make the 1591 highly desirable even in other historic watches. Seems not enough, let’s add only two, yes, we have made two works. The one sold at Christie’s is one of the only ones made of stainless steel and the other is 18k gold.

According to Christie’s records, this watch was not known to literature and the market until 1996. This is the first time it has been sold at an auction, and it has also broken the world record for stainless steel watches that were sold at auction. According to Patek Philippe’s notes, this piece was sold by its retailer in India, and as Christie’s said, this is actually “the pride of a monarch who likes to occasionally wear sturdy timepieces while playing polo. Then put the It was given as a gift to the person responsible for organizing the Grand Duke’s wedding. “After getting the amazing $ 2,240,714, what we know is that this piece can now be found at the Patek Philippe Museum … I never thought of becoming India before Wedding organizer.

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