Rolex 2020: new launch and termination

In the early morning of September 1, Rolex replica watches shared the most important news of the year-new watch models for 2020. Although Rolex regularly announces its new models at the annual Basel Watch and Jewellery Show, the cancellation of this year’s trade show requires unconventional launches. Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, Sky-Dweller and Submariner watches are the timepieces that Rolex will receive in 2020. In addition, Rolex has discontinued many models, such as Sea-Dweller Ceramic 40mm 116600 and GMT Master II 116710, and deleted them from the current catalog.

Rolex’s belated 2020 release brought four new Datejust 31 watches, which eliminated the previous Datejust 31. At 31mm, the 2020 Datejust 31 timepiece quartet is the second smallest of the five previously released sizes and is geared towards female audiences. The Datejust 31 can be seamlessly matched with the sporty Oyster bracelet and the costumed Jubilee bracelet in the series. This model has incredible versatility in various dial colors such as bright eggplant, mint green, white varnish and dark gray.

The White Rolesor version has been redesigned from a compact case, providing a combination of a compact steel case and a white solid 18k gold bezel. The Yellow Rolesor and Everose Rolesor models show the 18k yellow gold bezel, crown and bracelet center chain. Driven by the 2236 movement and Syloxi hairspring, the Datejust 31 2020 series provides a 55-hour power reserve.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 2020 Rolex (Rolex) launched the largest version of this model in 2020: Oyster Perpetual 41. The long history of Oyster Perpetual can be traced back to the 1940s and is a beloved classic. This 41mm luxury timepiece has a smooth domed bezel and an elegant Oyster bracelet. Replacing the newly discontinued Oyster-Perpetual 39, the updated Oyster Perpetual 36 series (previously Oyster-Perpetual 36 116000) is used with the new 41mm model. Rolex also introduced a new 28 mm model, a new generation of 31 mm and 34 mm models, and caliber 3230 and 2232 movements in this release.

Both new 2020 models have bright “Stella dials” that are reminiscent of vintage dials from the 1970s. The Oyster Perpetual 41 124300 offers a variety of dial color options, including oyster steel, silver, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, coral red and black. In addition, the Oyster Perpetual 36126000 also offers a pink dial option. The typical platinum accent often used by Rolex on the Oyster Perpetual Dial and the silver dial version of the 2020 series have gold hour markers and hands, which is very different from the retro style. In addition, both models are equipped with a new generation of Calibre 3230 automatic winding movement. Rolex Sky-Dweller 2020

The 2020 Rolex Sky-Dweller is now equipped with Rolex’s iconic Oysterflex bracelet, which is an essential luxury travel watch for the brand. Rolex discontinued all Sky-Dweller timepieces (Eternal Gold Sky-Dweller 326135 and Gold Sky-Dweller 326138) equipped with leather straps. However, with the exception of the newly launched Oysterflex bracelet and this model, the design of the 2020 Sky-Dweller is similar to that of previous years. It is equipped with a 42 mm case and an 18k solid gold channel Ring Command bezel, and is equipped with an annual calendar component and dual time zone display. Equipped with small earmuffs, the case of this price replica watch is noble in appearance. In addition, an Oysterflex bracelet was added to the pure gold watch. The metal inner layer of the case is coated with black elastomer, which expands the appeal of this magnificent timepiece.

The 2020 Sky-Dweller product lineup offers two versions: Sky-Dweller 326238 (gold) and Sky-Dweller 326235 (rose gold). Each reference offers three dial color options, starting with black, white, brown, champagne and dark rhodium. The calibre 9001, the most important element of Rolex with 380 individual parts, is equipped with 2020 Oysterflex Sky-Dweller watches, eye-catching and fashionable. Sky-Dweller has an intuitive appearance and exquisite mechanics, which is a feat in Rolex watches.

Rolex’s iconic dive watch lineup is undoubtedly the star released in 2020. This version is water-resistant to 300 meters and consists of a new Submariner watch, replacing the previous product lineup that has been discontinued. With a new non-date Submariner and a heavily upgraded Submariner Date reference, this release provides many updates. The case of the new Submariner is 41 mm, which is larger than the traditional 40 mm. The 2020 Submariner has slender lugs, a moderately wide bracelet, and a wider center link. Although the size has increased, the appearance is still more classic.

In this release, Replica Rolex watches introduced an unexpected black dial with a colorful bezel. After the new stainless steel Submariner Date 126610LV eliminated the “Smurfs” and “Hulk” colors, it showed a green bezel and a black dial, while the new 18k white gold Submariner 126619LB showed a blue bezel and a black dial. As expected, this 41mm series has a new generation of Calibre 3230 and Calibre 3235 automatic movements with no date Submariner and Submariner Date. Nevertheless, both have a power reserve of 70 hours, and have antimagnetic Chronergy escapement and blue Parachrom hairspring.