Drake’s Richard Mille RM69 erotic tourbillon watch

This is our message for Richard Mille (Richard Mille) watching the Drake Waugh (NBA) final The RM 69 tourbillon erotica allows the rapper to express his desire for NSFW.

Drake’s Richard Mille watch made headlines again. The rapper wore his RM69 erotic tourbillon to the NBA Finals this week.

Wearing a black T-shirt and matching sweatpants, the “In My Feelings” rapper was dressed relatively neatly for the fifth game of the Toronto final on Monday night, but his minimalist decoration was decorated with attractive wrist candy. No stranger to unrequited love, or beating love in dozens (and dozens) of songs, this Canadian clock seems to imply that he does think it is best to care about the spirit as soon as possible. What you want in the bedroom.

The front of the manual-winding watch is first discovered by the “sixth page”, with three mechanical panels that can display different “tempting” messages. The first shows the request (e.g. “I want”, “let me”), the second shows the emotional verbs (“taste”, “caress”), and the third shows the details (“your lips”, “tonight you “). According to reports, in the game where the Golden State Warriors defeated the hometown Raptors 106-105, Drake’s 69 ringgit was designated as a very mature and elegant “I want to kiss your relatives.”

This watch debuted in 2015 and was inspired by pornographic timepieces in the history of watchmaking, many of which are “banned and confiscated” and can only be enjoyed privately. The brand said: “However, on RM 69, love and pornography declared themselves proudly and clearly in words.” “Away from the scene of life brought by automata, this creation is eager to express passion, sensuality and even sexuality in public. On his wish.”

Inspired by the theme of liberation, the brand’s goal is to let customers truly understand their needs, and said: “Activation by pressing the button at 10 o’clock as required clearly shows the wearer’s deepest desire. “

In addition to the sexually impulsive Mad Libs function, Drake’s brushed titanium and black watches cheap also have a manual winding tourbillon movement (designed in collaboration with Audemars Papi Renaud & Papi), composed of 505 components and 41 jewels, with ” Oracle” complication, retractable hours and minutes, and of course a 69-hour power reserve indicator. Only 30 trials can be carried out, but long-term production may not be enough to attract Rihanna.