Richard Mille launches RM 33-02

RICHARD MILLE RM 33-02 Automatique Replica Watch

Watch lovers may recall that as early as 2011, Richard Mille (the master of movement overdesign) released RM033. With its rounded case and transparent internal structure, this release satisfies a market segment in the brand’s extensive product portfolio, offering thin, conventional-shaped watches, and has been redesigned with certain supercar certificates .

Not surprisingly, the watch was a runaway blow to Richard Mille’s newbies and is now being reused under the name RM 33-02. RM 33-02 once again uses a slim round case (41 mm in size that can be worn universally) and rose gold metal. It is another popular product of the “entry-level” Richard Mille Canon camera-which may make men and women Women’s wrists are flattened and brand introductions are relatively taboo.

Like the previous products, the central idea of ​​RM 33-02 design is how to best deploy typical Richard Mille tropes-innovative materials, unparalleled toughness, and extremely hand-made finishing effects in daily environments. The result is a unisex wearable watch designed from scratch. Specifications that enable it to operate seamlessly under ordinary and abnormal conditions were manufactured. Just look at the RM 33-02 on the metal and you will immediately feel this duality: the medium gold rose gold case is alternately smooth and highlights the more familiar appearance of Carbon TPT.

Similar to the previous product, the RM 33-02 occupies a unique position in the broader Richard Mille swiss universe. It is moderately sized, round, and has very forgiving proportions: it is a good “sleeper” for collectors who may be intimidated by more representative Mille shapes (such as wine barrels) All the reasons for the model.

From a completely technical point of view, RM 33-02 has the reputation of Richard Mille recognized as a Formula One watchmaking expert. Including rubber peripheral components, more than six high-performance materials were used in the production of this reference: including platinum micro-rotors; titanium bridges; steel screws; and the aforementioned carbon TPT.

Pharrell Williams and Richard Mille created the space clock

Not only satisfied with singing, songwriting, fashion design, and various other entrepreneurial activities, Pharrell Williams, a Grammy Award winner, collaborated with Richard Mille to create his own timepieces. It has had a huge impact in the watches online shop industry.

Williams has always been a friend of the brand and has worn many iconic timepieces over the years. This will mark the first time that Williams and Richard Mille have collaborated to make a timepiece. The RM52-05 manual winding tourbillon will also carry the Williams name, which makes it even more unique-as if only 30 such straps in the world are not enough.

The design of this luxury timepiece is inspired by the concept of space and Mars. This stems from Williams’ fascination with “Star Trek” since childhood. It makes full use of the skills and skills of painters, engravers and enamelers.

RM52-05 uses high-tech materials in a miniature state, which brings artistic and technical challenges. Just like the space shuttle, the base of the watch carrying the movement is made of grade 5 titanium. You can also glimpse the skeletonized grade 5 titanium alloy bridge, reminiscent of a rocket launch platform. In addition, it has large inserts in the sparkling blue Aventurine glass, exuding the feeling of outer space.

Grade 5 titanium is also used for the indestructible case of the test pen, and the gorgeous dial surface is equipped with an astronaut helmet to observe the appearance of Mars at close range. In order to further encapsulate the universe, the enamel of the red planet has multiple color changes due to the increased firing times of the superimposed layer at 850°. This gives it a gradient of orange to red and blue to black.

The case is made of brown cermet, which combines the lightness of titanium with the hardness of ceramics. The brown hue with metallic reflection is all due to the use of metallic zirconium base. The shell belt is made of Carbon TPT, which is a well-known component in the aerospace industry. Its crown is based on the design of the rocket compartment, and the surrounding rubber has the unique contour of the Martian rover tire.

There are only 30 Richard Mille RM52-05 manual winding tourbillon Pharrell Williams tourbillons in the world, so if you want to do it, you should be agile.