HOT Richard Mille RM035 Rafael Nadal

Richard Mille (RICHARD MILLE) RM035 Rafael Nadal (RAFAEL NADAL): How to “GO PRO”

This is how you tell time at the speed of light. replica Richard Mille RM035 Rafael Nadal watch brings everything you think about the bomber’s tough sports watch to the Grand Slam.

From the obvious beginning; this magical 50-gram watch has undergone a stress test on the wrists of professional tennis player Rafael Nadal in the actual game.

Although the manufacturer ’s suggested retail price of more than may only be the heartbeat of mortals, it is only a small part of the value of Wimbledon ’s victory, so rest assured that Nadal has no obstacles when passing the RM035 prototype through the factory. Even Rolex did not have the opportunity to fight this impact.

But Richard Mille operates on another level of timepieces and technology. Although the weight of a typical Breitling Chrono Avenger is not as good as the Valjoux 7750 chronograph (movement) (about 56 grams), the magnesium aluminum RM035 Rafael Nadal is as tough as the legend.

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Reducing quality and reducing impact is the key. The case of 90% magnesium and 10% aluminum Richard Mille replica men watches barrels is regarded as “Accessory A”, where “A” stands for “Alloy”. This ultra-light combination can even make titanium look rough, and Richard Mille’s plasma-regulated ceramic oxide with two-component metals ensures unmatched scratch resistance. Only a diamond can wear it reliably.

In the case of Richard Mille RM035, the technical tour continues. A calibrated 60-minute carbon fiber flange framed the RMUL1 masterpiece. Although it is a manual winding movement, its advantage lies in its simplicity. The bone structure is cut from a titanium plate, and all components are isolated on a raft suspended by synthetic elastomer.

Durability is guaranteed, but please do n’t say Richard Mille. The watchmaker tested the movement with the Labratoire Dubois SA “Chronofiable” 21-day test battery. Between freezing temperature, baking heat, 20,000 electric shocks, and “before” and “after” tests, the timeable test is not running COSC milk. Passed at RM035.

The free spring balance with fixed regulator and variable inertia balance weight ensures that even a terrible knock will not interfere with accurate timing. Make no mistake; “Little Nadal” is as tough as a nail, and Big Nadal himself can provide a guarantee for this. richard mille tourbillon replica

But Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is a high-level game, not just high-tech. Richard Mille is different from smart watches in which technology is obsessed with mercilessly assembled on printed circuit boards. Richard Mille combines technology with tradition and completes the masterpiece RM035 Designed and detailed the origin of its Vallee de Joux.

Each element of the titanium alloy bridge has PVD blackening and sandblasting or an impressive straight-line dressage. The wheels have a circular texture, and the keyless device has a black polish. All edges should be especially cleaned of burrs.

Even if you cannot serve it like Nadal, you can still design the style like “King of Clay”. fake richard mille