A week on the wrist Greubel Forsey GMT

GMT is one of the most complicated watches manufactured by luxury Greubel Forsey, which is impressive in technology and aesthetics. But what does it feel like to actually wear one?

Before Grand Sonnerie came out, one of the most complex watches owned by Greubel Forsey was GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is an ingenious name, in sharp contrast with the size of the watch itself, the overall visual impact and complexity . There are very few opportunities to actually see Greubel Forsey watches made of metal, although for many years I have been lucky enough to see more than I deserve. In 2006, one year after the launch of the double tourbillon at 30°, I sat next to Stephen Forsey at a dinner in New York and discussed the overall situation of the tourbillon. The theoretical background and technical aspects of the tourbillon are Forsey. And his partner Robert Greubel brought inspiration.

It was a very memorable night because I gained a better understanding of the overall pros and cons of the tourbillon and it was compelling. Almost late, we are talking about how to take a fraction of a second of better performance from increasingly complex mechanisms to meet the challenge. I asked Stephen Forsey if he thought the game was really worth it. He smiled and said, “Well, the gains are always greater than the lost gains.”

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For Grobel Fossi, this is usually a motto because his entire work may be seen as a response to the notion of “good enough” performance or surface treatment. The designs produced by Greubel Forsey may cause polarization, but in general, regardless of whether they ultimately suit your taste, they will eventually make people less interested in it than each watch successfully achieved to the extent expected.

Greubel Forsey GMT luxury is one of Greubel Forsey’s most complicated watches (the only two are Quantième Perpétuelà quétion and the new Grande Sonnerie). Although its name is concise, it actually underestimates the actual complexity of the watch to some extent. Visually, this is the best-selling product, just like most Greubel Forsey watches. At the front, you have a tourbillon tilted 24 seconds, tilted 25°. The hours and minutes are displayed in the larger subdial, and the second time zone is displayed on the left. The largest pyrotechnics come from a titanium globe, which rotates once every 24 hours and looks toward the earth from above the North Pole. The earth shows about 3/4 of the surface of the earth, with the pivot at the south pole. The white background side of the 24-hour ring shows the part of the earth under sunlight,

When you turn the watch over, the watch is automatically sold technically (at least in terms of its name). There is a complete world time disk of 24 cities on the back, which rotates once a day like the earth and displays the correct time in 24 different time zones. Observe that the city in the time zone of daylight saving time/daylight saving time is displayed in white, and you can read the correct local time in the year of the year when you know that daylight saving time is in effect by reading the internal time instead of daylight saving time. Outer layer, 24 hours tracking. The back of the watch also shows the position of the sun relative to the earth; the sun is represented by stylized engravings on wheels fixed below the earth.

Setting up GMT is a fairly simple process. First, pull out the crown (only one set position). Next, set the city disk to the most recent correct time in your city (or you can set any given city to the most recent correct time in its time zone). You don’t need to consider DST. The crown can be rotated in either direction. Next, remove the crown and press and hold the GMT button. This engages the hour and minute hands with the crown and disengages it from the globe and city dial. Then, you place the pointer in the last hour of your local time. Finally, release the GMT button and set the hands to the correct local hours and minutes. This has also promoted the development of earth and city disks.

The GMT pointer can be set in 1-hour increments with the button. After setting the watch replicas, the hour hand, minute hand, GMT hand, globe and city dial will be synchronized. When changing the time zone, you can use the GMT pointer as a local time indicator by adjusting it to local time as needed. This will take care of all time zones that are one hour away from Greenwich Mean Time. However, there is an advanced user option. If you remember, the Greenwich Mean Time button will separate the crown from the Greenwich Mean Time indication, you only need to set the hour and minute hands. If you hold down the fader and reset the hour and minute hands to the local time in the new time zone, you can use the GMT indicator as the local time indicator, and you can also set the local time to any offset from GMT. Demand-includes part-time shifts. This will be my choice d choice; reading the local time on a larger display is more natural, and the globe can let you know the time around the world no matter when and where.

Now, it’s one thing to understand this kind of thing and technically understand the watch, and it’s another thing to wear it, and as far as all technologies are concerned, I don’t think this is ultimately a major technical expertise. Greubel Forsey’s watches have never been so. They usually extend an experimental perfectionism to almost every aspect of watchmaking. You can almost think of it as the absurd child of clock research: if you simply push all aspects of traditional clocks-not only to complete, but also to pursue better timekeeping functions by using traditional methods to improve isochronity, it will happen what? In my opinion, the aesthetics of Greubel Forsey watches are always accidentally discovered. Although there are many deliberate aesthetics in essence, they are so obsessed with all aspects of the watch. Compared to traditional aesthetics, they have become less and less – one is weird, but for me it is charming, boring serious attitude and completely whimsical madness.

The interesting thing about wearing GMT is that before you wear GMT, you think it’s like winning a movie star date of $20 million per movie, or getting a Ferrari F12 key on the weekend – living in a population that has not been able to live so far This is really shocking. But that is not the case. You look down at your wrist, yes, you will indeed see a very expensive and usually unattainable watch, you will also see other things.

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The diameter of the earth is 12,742 kilometers. If you turn your watch to see the time, you are watching from a titanium ball about 10 times the diameter. This means that you are seeing the Earth from above the North Pole, just as you can see from a distance of about 153,000 kilometers, a little avoiding the middle of the moon. At this distance, the earth is close enough to pull your heartstring (after all, it is home), and far enough to look abstract. This combination is outrageous, and combined with the tourbillon, hour and minute hands, your wrist can experience a completely different spatial experience in one place, as well as three distinct time scales.

I wore Greubel Forsey GMT during the Basel Watch Fair. As you might expect, it attracted people’s attention at a watch fair. But what I gained from my experience was not a feeling of luck, but a philosophical tranquility. I feel that when I look at time, I don’t see much time, but rather a broader and more balanced view of how we view it.

They say the travel range has expanded, and although there are many more affordable multi-time zone replica watches for sale for you to choose from, few people take you out like Greubel Forsey GMT. Everything must work together to truly sit down and sing, but the level of attention to technical detail in GMT contradicts (or may be necessary?) the reason it also makes it a launchpad for fantasy and philosophical reflection.

Greubel Forsey GMT: movement, 36.40 mm x 9.80 mm; 72-hour power reserve, running 50 jewels. Two coaxial barrels, running in series, rotate quickly (one revolution/3.2 hours), one of which has a sliding bri rope. Use a timing screw to freely pop up a 10mm balance; Phillips terminal curve; 21,600 vph. Germany/nickel silver/maillechort motherboard. Hours, minutes, GMT and world time indication. Case, 950 platinum 43.50 mm x 16.14 mm; water resistant to 30 meters.

Richard Mille (RICHARD MILLE) RM 056 and RM 011 FELIPE MASSA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition grand debut

Richard Mille Replica Watch 511.04BH.91-1 RM 011 Lotus F1 Team-Romain Grosjean

Felipe Massa was the first sports figure to join the family, Richard Mille. The Brazilian Formula One driver became Richard Mille. In 2005, they recalled their ambassador or brand “friends”, so over the past ten years they have collaborated on many works. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) released two limited editions together to commemorate this decade. milestone.

RM011 may be one of Richard Mille’s most famous designs, and is a truly iconic work. The RM011 self-winding flyback chronograph has an annual calendar with a large date window at 12 o’clock. This is probably their most successful model. The model has an internal RMAC1 movement and supports more than 30 different versions.

RM011 may be one of Richard Mille’s most famous designs, and is a truly iconic work. The RM011 self-winding flyback chronograph has an annual calendar with a large date window at 12 o’clock. This is probably their most successful model. The model has an internal RMAC1 movement and supports more than 30 different versions.

The dark blue skull dial is highlighted by the royal blue minute track and the bright yellow speedometer dial, which surrounds the dial and is beautiful. The blue and yellow color schemes have blue hour indicators on the remaining dial indicators. Richard Mille deleted the number 12 and replaced it with blue and yellow to outline Felipe The number 19 of the car’s racing number is outlined in blue and yellow with a date window, like a car with stripes.

For the speedometer scale and the minute track, the work runs in the same color scheme. They also added red and yellow hands to the small dial, but this is the similarity, because only look at this situation! This barrel-shaped case is made of sapphire crystal and has a hard appearance. Yes, you will read the correct sapphire crystal case. This remarkable part is driven by the manual winding RMCC1 movement, which is mainly made of titanium, with a second hand chronograph and tourbillon escapement, no matter what angle you look at and gaze at its extraordinary beauty , Each with 500 parts. Both pieces are equipped with black or white rubber straps.

What these limited edition replica watches really need to say is amazing, especially the sapphire case fully shows the beating heart. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) once again released pure and flawless fine clock works.